• Yes. If it continued that way, he would die. Period. I think taking yourself out of the danger is exactly the solution. This way he can at least stop the escalation to his certain death and maybe try to reverse it. I think the state has every right to take individuals, especially children, out of dangerous situations, especially deadly ones.
  • Yes. Obviously his parents were not giving him the necessary skills to survive in live. If he learned to overheat like that, then he gets to living on his own.. how will he pay for all the food? How will he be treated in society? It's better for him to be away from the kind of harmful environment.
  • Yes because it's going to very hard for him to loose that weight...If they hadn't it would had litery pulled him down for the rest of his life...and plus he could have a heart attack if you weigh that much at such an age...your heart just can't support it
  • If they were warned and educated on how to properly feed him then yes. This is endangering his health.

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