• Yes I would. Not only is that my family but just because someone was cruel to me doesn't mean its ok for me to stoop to their level. If anyone I know was ill I would help in any way I could, no matter the circumstances.
  • I would give them the kidney because there's nothing more satisfying during an arguement than saying "You think, I'm a douchebag, yeah well, I gave you a kidney!" I know this because my sister gave me some of her bone marrow when I was younger and for a really long time our little sibling fights would go something like "Give me the remote!" "No" "Fine, I want my bone marrow back then!" LOL.
  • Donating a kidney is a big deal, it will seriously affect your health (could die during surgery), could shorten you life, affect fertlity and lower your alcohol tolerance. also if they get the organ the risk of rejection and infection is very high. they'll be on anti inflammatries and anti rejection drugs the rest of their life. if you want to do this you have to be sure, don't just do it because you were asked, you have to absolutely certain. doesn't sound like they really deserve it, if they were cruel as a child i wouldn't persoanlly. xx xxxx
  • I wouldn't consider it. So for that reason I wouldn't even be typed and cross-matched (assuming they still do those things, and don't just take any ol' organ and use anti-rejection drugs to make it work), and I wouldn't have to even know "am I denying my sibling a chance at life?" Two of my siblings have been cruel to me "recently". I thought we were close, but apparently they have harbored some deep resentment, and they never even said what it was. So I hope it's eating them up; it certainly isn't bothering me, now that I've cut them out.
  • no matter how cruel your siblings are, you are still family. it might bring you closer to donate a kidney but even if it dosn't it's important to help your family, it's the only family you got you know?
  • Yes, without a second thought
  • Yes, I would regardless of the cruel behaviour. I would leave that in the past and help my sibling.
  • i would give them my kidney. they are always going to be your sibling, and even if we werent close there is no way that i could let them suffer on and not do anything. there will always be that bond between siblings and i wouldnt be able to get over the guilt if i did nothing to help them out.
  • No. I am diabetic and run the risk of kidney problems myself. It appears it isn't recommended that a diabetic donate a kidney.
  • I definitely would give my sibling my kidney.
  • Yeah! Probably, I would! What better way to redress the past and begin a "beautiful" tomorrow with!
  • Now there's a question that i could only answer at the time.
  • Yes I would yo...
  • Without a doubt. Siblings are often cruel to one another as children because, well, they were CHILDREN. Now they are in need, their life depends on it. As a rare sibling who can give them this ultimate sacrifice and help you will be forever cherished and loved. The pros outweigh the "cons". To lend your hand to them with this gift without selfishness or pride, that, in turn, allows you to truly help out in times of pure human suffering, what gift could be more precious to u and your sibling both?
  • Besides the fact that both of my siblings have A+ blood, and I'm O+ aside, I would absolutely NOT offer my brother an organ. If my brother needs a kidney, it's because of his repeated pseudo-suicide attempts in order to get attention. He also threatened my child's life. Screw him. My sister... that would be a different story. I would give my kidney to my sister under the condition that she leave our parents' house immediately and start taking better care of herself.
  • yes, without a and my siblings are in luck. one of my kidneys is really large and has two renal tubes. i could give up half of that kidney and still have two for me.
  • I would like to say I would do it without a thought. I'd have second and third thoughts. But I'd do it.
  • Depends on the level of cruelty possibly. But... Assuming it was standard stuff and not truly evil monstrous type stuff, assuming that your sibling is a half-way redeemable person rather than an utter psychopath... then, yes. Always help your family if you can.
  • It's not between you and your sibling anyway. Doing the sincere, courageous thing is between you and God. Do good anyway.

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