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  • Sure you can, it is VERY rare, but it does happen. My step-sister-in law married her childhood sweetheart. They have been together since they were 12 and they are now 32 with 1 child and a 2nd on the way. It should be noted that they waited until they were 28 before marrying and it is VERY rare for a couple to stay together for so long after meeting at such a young age. I advise waiting on marriage until your mid 20's, but if it is working then enjoy it!
  • Sure you can! My parents started dating each other when they were Sophomores.....they have now been married 51 years.
  • You can, I did but now after six years we are breaking up. She was young and now wants to excperiance a different life then what she has. So if you do good luck.
  • yes i believe so im hoping that you can to because i love my baby. i think you can
  • I sure hope I can!! +5
  • It's possible. Both parties have to mature together. If one gets ahead of the other, it's over.

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