• Go have a good time at a party. +5
  • creamate me and go do a bar crawl on the river and leave some of my ashes behind at every stop on the way
  • I've already made arrangements for mine to be donated to the Univ. of Nevada (Reno) College of Medicine, so the students there will have a cadaver on which to practice their "carving." +5
  • I'm answering my own. I would, ideally, like everyone to drive to the entrance to Yellowstone. Then I'd like a horse-drawn, white open carriage to pull me, laid out and covered with a white cloth. Behind it, a double line of people, walking. At the chosen site (in the woods a bit) have the carriage stop, and everyone peel off slowly, and calmly, turning away and going back to their vehicles, leaving me with the carriage, driver, and assistant. Then they would lift my body to a wooden platform (think Native Americans), remove the white cloth, leaving my naked body to the elements and nature, and turn away. Then I would want everyone to go do something either with their families, friends, or alone, that they truly enjoy. That would be my ideal funeral.
  • I couldn't care less, so I'll go with "whatever"? ;-)
  • Cremation, take my ashes off the shore of Hawaii (the big island) a safe distance from where the Pu'u O'o lava tube empties into the ocean. Say something nice, dump the ashes.
  • I would want to be cremated. I would also want everyone to enjoy themselves and not be full of sorrow. I would want the people with whom I come in contact the most to adapt painlessly to a life without me. Just because my life ends does not mean that others should not strive to live a complete life.
  • Prop me up beside the juke box when I die....
  • Dead why would I care, I left that up to my nephew.
  • I want to be recycled into the worlds ecosystem,i want my friends to uce my corpse as chum for shark fishing.
  • I have already ordered my headstone, and am working on an order of service for the funeral. As a retired officer of the US Army, I am entitled to a military funeral, which is what I want, complete with the bagpipers, a firing squad, bugler, and flag-folding by soldiers in uniform. I want four songs at my funeral: Highland Chapel as a processional, Amazing Grace prior to interment, and My Heart Will Go On as the recessional ( all by the pipers ), and my older grandaughter to sing I Will Remember You. My beloved wife will recieve my flag as my next of kin, and my younger son will deliver the benediction. After the graveside service, I want a group of Vietnam veterans to have a toast at the grave: "Here's to us and those like us ... damned few left!" Then my estate will pay for a nice dinner at a local restaurant for all who can attend, and I want my family to tell funny stories about me, because that's how I want to be remembered: as an honorable soldier with a good sense of humor. : )
  • Cremation and the ashes thrown in the trash. Nothing more. +3
  • Water the ground thoroughly and let me sink into the ground slowly, feet first! :)
  • Personally, I'd much rather my family save all themoney and hubbub and just drop my body in a hole and cover it over. Or maybe a simple pine box. . Or, better yet, sell my body to Alpo, take the money, and go out to eat afterwards. . The only purpose in a funeral, and all it's expenses, is to allow the survivors to grieve. Oh, and for the industry to make a sh*tload of money in the process. I mean, really! Who NEEDS a casket worth THOUSANDS that will help preserve the body for decades? What happened to "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" anyway? . I want my family to grieve and get over their loss. And yes, I want to be remembered. But I don't want to be the subject of an insanely expensive funeral for the sake of a funeral.
  • I wanna be turned into a mummy so I can come back from the dead and curse a whole buncha random people.
  • use what they can for whatever and donate the rest to science other than that, my parents know what i want said and the rest just does not mean a big wheeee any longer.
  • I think you said it perfectly. First, I want a procession for my body. Then a funeral. Then burial. Then I would like my body to be dug up and served for dinner afterwards. A very dignified way to go.
  • Burn it an throw that in the trash.
  • I want to have any useful parts of my body donated to people who need it, OR, I would like my body to be donated to a university or some other kind of medical school. Med students need to practice on something, right? Anything left over I want burnt and thrown away. No use wasting a perfectly good bit of land to store a body no one is using anymore....
  • I want to be cremated. What they do with the ashes isn't my problem. I don't want a service or any of that stuff. Just get it over and done with.

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