• wait my little one.
  • Wait you can find someone in your own age range dont rush yor only 14 school is more important i know u really don't want to hear it but its true just focus on your future then you have time to find someone and by time your 15 he'll be wat 18 and that won't be leagal would thinkg about these thing peace <*))>< Fishy
  • just enjoy yourself and have fun do what you want i wish i was 14
  • Have him put in prison for a few years and when he is released he'll have to register as a sex offender so he'll never be able to live anywhere or get a job. That's what will happen if you become an item and someone turns him in. Yes, I know the laws are stupid, but you can't change them.
  • Wait, woah woah woah. You're only 14 and you're thinking of relationships? Damn girl, you are heading down the rooooooad of sorrow. What's a girl like you thinking about getting a relationship with a guy when you're that young, let alone, a guy that is 3 years older than you. A lot of adults say that age doesn't matter. And they're right!.. to an extent. When you're in your adolescent years and trying to find a guy/girl (even though I highly don't recommend it), age means 'everything'. Think about it. This guy will be graduated when you're in your sophmore/junior year. What will you do then? He probably will be moving on with his life and you'll be stuck with a broken heart. Honey, more than likely, you're going through a hormone rush right now and trust me, just try to remain friends with him. "DON'T" ask him to be your boyfriend. Save that for when you're in college, like me! Or maybe when you're older when your body 'and' mind have matured enough to handle the responsibility and stuff with relationships. :) I still stand by my statement of "All high-school relationships are "purely" for sex 'only'. Nothing more. High school kids can barely handle their schoolwork and own personal lives, let alone, two people at the same time."
  • Beware of his motives. He may be trying to take advantage of your inexperience. +2
  • If you feel confident that you're mentally and emotionally prepared to handle the age gap. Then yes go for it. +5
  • thanks for all the answers, i really appreciate it.. but does someone have something else to say???
  • He should be asking out 16-17 year old girls. I know from my own teenage years. I had much heartache trying to have relationships with older boys. Luckily, pretty decent boys. But the age difference is real. They are ready for things that you are not ready for. And they will get it somewhere. Just don't let it be you. Teenage years are hard enough. Just be friends with guys. And concentrate on school. Save yourself the hurt.
  • Just be friends with Him, but don't allow Him to make any sexual attempts. And if He does try it, keep away from Him and order Him to do the same. You're too young to know all the consequences. And such a guy shouldn't be dating a girl so young. He could take advantage of You. You still got time. And nobody who really cares about You will try anything with You until You are mature. Don't let Yourself be fooled by: "I love You, so let's have sex." It doesn't work that way.
  • While it probably feels really cool that this "older"guy likes you and you are flattered by his attention because it makes you feel special just value the feeling, value the friendship but go no further. In many states you're age difference of 3 years could be considered a problem and you don't want him to get in trouble if you like him. I understand to that at this age you may be starting to have a curiosity about sex or just making out and having an older guy paying attention to you makes it even more exciting but frankly having just turned 14 you are not really ready for exploring this yet. There is no need to rush into something that has the potential to really hurt you or has the potential to affect the rest of your life. Have fun take your time but don't do something that you may later come to regret. At both of your ages you have plenty of time so take it before getting serious.
  • i would wait till youre 18 otherwize it will be illegal for him to date you once hes 18
  • Wjy are uou asking us? Wjat are your parents rules? You live under their roof and you go by their rules. Frankly you are 2 years too young and should not be dating anyone.
  • Only with your parents permission should you date him. Ask him to come to your home and meet your parents and for him to ask permission to date you. You must abide by your parents decision. If they approve then only on your parents terms. If they do not approve then you must stop your relationship with this young man immediately.
  • id be careful about that cause when he turns 18 it might be illegal for him to date someone underage

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