• Some do, some don't. it depends on why they separated or divorced. A friend of mine had been married to his wife for many years. his wife had a really bad time going through the change of life. my friend could not tolerate his wifes irate behavior, so they divorced. His wife later died. so many times he has told me that the worst mistake he ever made in his life was divorcing his wife. that he should have been more understanding and willing to stand by his wife, until this period in her life was over. My friend died a lonely man for a tragic mistake he made, by divorcing his wife. Hopefully, these two made it to heaven and are now back together.
  • Im sure a lot do. Especially the ones surprised by it all.
  • I'm sure, some do. I've been divorced twice and only regret not choosing better in the first place...
  • I've always been happy about my decision.
  • My parents did, they got back together and remarried 5 years later.
  • I think it varies a great deal. Some regret divorcing, others, not doing it sooner. We tend to focus on what is annoying us now and fail to consider what life would be like if we divorced. When my wife and kids are home, I sometimes really feel I need to be ALONE! If I were alone, I could eat Doritos with sour cream and onion dip of chilli right from the can for dinner. I could sit in my underwear watching westerns. If they go visiting the house seems so empty!
  • Having been through it, I think it must be very seldom that BOTH the woman and man want to be back together. It's a tremendous upheaval and a very chaotic time in one's life, so at least one of them must have really wanted out to go through with it. I can't see many people wanting to turn back after that. I do really miss living with my son, but I see him frequently and we're all over it now. If I were to go back, I would probably just end up putting him through it a second time.
  • I don't think so, it depending on them that how they lived and loved on each others. Whoever suffered a lot in their 1st marriage life, they were not wishing to be still get together, because it'll reminds you that bad things whatever had happened in the past.
  • Both my exes tried to get me back after the divorce I no longer wanted them at that point. So I guess it just depends on the person.

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