• get mean. this guy sounds like a turdball!
  • you could serve him with a legal letter for your things...but frankly, I think the chances of you getting them back aftet so long are gut feeling would be to cut your losses and move's over and your things have been tossed out.
  • It depends how much the stuff means to you. If it was something like a sterio or a car - GET MEAN.
  • I would love to just let him have my things, but one important thing is a pearl and diamond ring ( my mom gave me) so I have to get that back. The flip side is I know he will at some point contact me. I am just thinnking & feeling just wants to do it on his terms. I just don't want to be this psycho ex-gf. We had a crazy break up. It has been a week and he has not returned my phone call. What is the next step?
  • They are your belongings, and so you are entitled to do whatever you have to in order to get them back. After all, you only want them back. If he gave them now, it would save all this trouble and there would be no reason to get mean.
  • They are your belongings and obviously the ring has great sentimental value for you. He should understand this, regardless of how things ended for the two of you. If he doesn't reply, then leave him a message saying that you don't necessarily need to see him, you just want your things back especially the ring. If he still doesn't reply, then I would think about getting someone to help you - a (big) friend or the police. Good luck!

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