• Among the multitude of organic or natural options available to help fight against ear problems, coconut oil has become one of the more commonly recommended. Coconut oil is a fairly widely available natural oil that is relatively harmless to the body. Furthermore, it has several uses in clearing up problems with the ear including infections, inflammation and removal of objects.


    Coconut oil is a frequently used method of helping heal ear infections naturally and without prescription medication. Usually for an ear infection a doctor will prescribe mild antibiotics, but some people for various reasons are against antibiotic use in these cases. Coconut oil is a safe, natural alternative that has been found to produce the same healing effects as antibacterial medicine. That's because coconut oil contains a naturally occurring form of fatty acid that acts as a powerful antimicrobial. This helps coconut oil kill bacteria, fungus, viral infection and so forth very easily. If you have an ear infection and wish to use coconut oil, use an ear dropper and while lying on your side squeeze about three drops into the ear. To help the oil work its way down the ear canal and fully coat the inner ear move your jaw some and remain on your side for several minutes. Once you stand it's also a good idea to hold a cotton ball up to your ear at first to prevent excess oil from leaking out.

    Inflammation and Swelling

    Coconut oil is also helpful for inflammation in the ears. Sometimes this inflammation or swelling, whatever the cause may be, can cause burning or irritation in the ear canal. Oftentimes peroxide is recommended to help remedy this but coconut oil is just as effective. The antimicrobial aspects fight any germs that could potentially be causing or worsening the irritation, while the natural coating properties of the oil help soothe the inner ear at the same time. A few drops applied with an ear dropper in each affected ear should be enough to start working.

    Preventing Infections

    Coconut oil can also be used to prevent infections and irritations from occurring in the first place. If earwax is allowed to build up in the ear canal it can eventually cause complications. This is especially concerning in young children who are not always sure to keep their ears properly cleaned on a regular basis. Use a couple drops of coconut oil in the ear each night before bed for a few nights in a row. After about three nights or so the oil will have softened the ear wax buildup considerably, making it extremely easy to remove with common methods such as a cotton swab. Since the oil is a natural bacteria killer, use in this way will not only help with removal of waxy buildup but it will also fight any infections from appearing at the same time.


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