• i'm not sure if i'm angered or happy ..... does that mean christianity is giving the stolen pagan holiday back to the pagans ? and admiting it ? or trying to discredit the pagan holiday "yule" even more by nameing it something closer to "the winter solstice" .. it would depend on the intent i suppose .
  • "Winter Solstice Retail Festival" would be the most accurate term. +5 Ailsa
  • It already was a winter festival before Christans stole it for themselves. Winter Solstice is a bit of a mouthful, but Yule is a traditional name for it. As I am not Christian, I try to buy Christmas cards that say "Season's Greetings" rather than "Merry Christmas".
  • I'm a Christian and I've been against celebrating 'Christmas' for at least the last 10 years. Today it's commercial merchandising. It's all about the money. Businesses rely on the Christmas shopping season to push their books into the black, a final boost to the end of their fiscal year. It is supposed to be about Christ, His gift to us and a time to spend sharing love for our families and friends. Christians gave away Christmas a long time ago.
  • All the Pagan vs Christian arguments aside. They can call it what they like - we will all still call it christmas.....
  • Well, Christmas is more of a festival of winter now than a Christian celebration. However I see no need to rename it. I am agnostic and borderline atheist, but I do not care if someone says Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings or whatever.
  • They can call it anything they want to. I will forever call it Christmas, my kids will call it Christmas too. Why change it? It is what it is, end of.
  • God bless, this subject always get's so convoluted with people's "if it isn't celebrating Christ's birthday, then it's blasphemy" along with "it's a pagan holiday, blabla" or "it's nothing but about the evil retailers". So here's an idea - stop buying things for other people for Christmas. Instead, get together with your family and give the kids baked goods or candy in their stocking (the way it was done once upon a time). It's not like they need all those electronic toys and plastic crap that they'll either break or forget about in a month anyway - and enjoy a good Christmas (Yule, Winter Solstice, Happy Wal-Mart Day - whatever) with the people you love. If you're into Jesus, you don't need a specific day to celebrate his birth, because no one knows when his birthday is anyway. Celebrate it every day - and give thanks for him every day. Be kind to people. Help others out that truly need help. Do something you would only normally do for the holidays throughout the year. In summary, call it what you like - it's time people stopped complaining about it and make a change, if they are unhappy with how they celebrate their holidays. You can't change the world, but you can change your part of it.
  • Whatever they call it, I wish they'd wait until after Thanksgiving to do so.
  • no i dont think it should be renamed, what is the need to rename it?
  • Sounds good, not everyone believes in that Christ crap anymore.
  • They can call it anything they "f"in want. Its always going to be called Christmas to me and my children.
  • People can call commercialism whatever they want. Christmas is a Christian religious holiday whether people spend money or not. We give most of our gifts on New Years day to separate the secular from the religious.
  • Since most Xtians complain about it's commerciralisation and not do a single thing about it... Merry Yule.
  • considering Christmas contradicts the teachings of Jesus, december 25th not being his day of birth, being a pagan holiday before constatine adopted it?? psh I'm down with that. big old santa and presents and wasting money to teach your children about materialism and getting what they want etc. the list continues what a joke....
  • TV is lame popular opinion is a wishy washy conformist kinda lame modern times are stale and lame bah humbug. I'll opt out for x-mas. Pick another day entirely.Who the hell is going to stop me? Noone would even care.
  • I don't really care. Christmas is what Christians like to call it, even though it is not so much about Jesus being born as it is about shopping. In that way, it is a truly American holiday, trying to mix Christianity with commercialism. But still, it doesn't matter. No one forces you to celebrate the holiday in a certain way, or even to celebrate it at all.
  • I think it is fine. Since no one remotely comprehends Jesus any longer thanks to the insanity of the religious fanatics for and against, Christianity, the religious aspect of it was bound to fall by the wayside. People who love Jesus are world wide and they can celebrate his birth together no matter what. What if Christmas was a celebration of Mohammed's birth. Would you feel the same?

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