• probably won't but you will never know
  • Probably with very little employees, or they will come up with some scheme to make us start using them instead of other means. It's the government and the ppl in America are afraid of their government when they shouldn't be because they created it and voted for it.
  • I don't even think doctors will be operating in 25 years. Our lives are going to change so drastically in 25 years that if we awoke 25 years from now we would be lost.
  • I think it will but I think there will be very few post offices with very few employees. There will always need to be a way of sending a certified letter or needing proof of delivery. The reason people don't use them as much now is that they are not dependable: losing packages, rates are really high for no more than they do, email, etc. I heard a postal employee say the other day "anytime you send the mail where the postman ACTUALLY has to do extra work you pay dearly for". I do think in 25 years it will cost you so much to mail anything that there will be a lot less of them.
  • If what is happening in other first World countries takes place in the "Good Ol USA" with privitization of postal services;then NO ! After all Communism is gone and Free enterprise (Capitalism) runs the world. :-)
  • Yes, there are all sorts of things that still need to be mailed, like packages, and bills, junk mail, magazines, and I for one still mail cards and letters as to many of my friends.
  • It would take a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the Postal Service, so, yes it will still be here in 25 year.
  • More than likely they will. The are a failed institution costing taxpayers about 3 b-b-b-billion dollars a year. If they were a private company they would be propped up by Uncle Sam so why not a semi-private company?
  • I hope so. It's done a pretty good job for me. Only a couple of screwups in all the years I've been around (72) so that's a good enough record in my eyes. Happy Tuesday! :)

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