• You are young and making a good living, a lot of gold diggers would be licking their fingers, a pre nup is advisable.
  • No - I'll marry you without any documents.
  • If you expect a break-up then it surely is going to happen sooner or later. A Negatitive attitude and no trust will show up in the wash and weaken the relationship. If you Truly love the person, then there will be NO doubts is all I can say. If there are any doubts, I would reconsider.
  • This is an answer that only you can really decide. While a pre-nup is always a good idea if you have significant income or assets, the entire situation has to be looked at. What is the income/assets of the person you are considering marrying? How will they feel about you requesting a pre-nup? What does your family/friends say? Do you have a reason to think that you would need to rely on a pre-nup? You might consider contacting a lawyer, just to get their opinion. Most lawyers offer a free 30min phone consultation, so it's worth it to ask. If you plan on doing that, either contact a lawyer you trust for advice, or seek out more than one to compare their information, so you have plenty to think about. Finally, you need to look at your state's laws regarding divorce and assets. Not all states are the same, and some require you to be together for a certain amount of time before you can get part of the "family" assets... A lot to think about!
  • It depends on your personally opinion and your relationship. Some people, even low earners, will get a pre-nup just in case something does go wrong in the marriage or in case their income increases. Some people don't feel they're necessary or are simple 'not for them'. I heard one high earner once explain to me that he didn't feel he should have one since traditionally married couples split what they've shared, incomes included, and thus she was as entitled as he would be. If something DOES go wrong in your marriage and she ends up going for your cash in court, how are you likely to feel? The fact you're asking suggests you're considering it and if you're considering it, it's quite possible the answer is Yes.
  • If she makes less than half of what you make, then its a wise decision.
  • Absolutely, 100%. You don't know whether they are gold diggers or not, until after the marriage, sometimes years after the marriage. It happened to me. It can happen to you.
  • I would highly recommend it. Financial problems are the number one reason for divorce. Period. Arguments insist that if you love her enough to marry her, then you should trust her. Unfortunately in this day and age, where divorce rates are over 50%, odds aren't in your favor (though I wish you the best of luck). The counter-argument is that if she loves you, she will understand your concern and sign a pre-nuptial agreement.
  • If you don't trust her or believe in the marriage what the heck are you doing marrying her?
  • Unless you have a lot of savings, stocks and other assets ... I don't think most people in your income bracket have pre-nups .. but I could be wrong.
  • Even better yet, you should consider NOT getting married. If you add up all the benefits and all the risks you might find as many others have that it's a pretty bad deal. What's in it for you? A tax deduction? You can get that by buying a house.
  • Consider it by all means, but if you predict that you will ever need or want this pre nup to come into effect, you probably aren't marrying the right person. I believe in prudence, but not when it comes to matters of love.
  • It depends on your situation and level of trust. I didn't marry until I was 100% certain. If my lady wants to leave me she can have everything. A dead man requires no material goods. +5
  • You should stay single. Be happy and count your money.
  • If you distrust her than perhaps you should reconsider getting married. I would trust my husband with my life and vise versa and we've been together 28 years. We both went into the marriage knowing that divorce wasn't an option for either one of us and that if any problems come along we would work them out. I think if you get into a marriage with a defeatist attitude than you will lose out. You both need to have 100% faith in each other or it won't work.
  • Better be safe than sorry
  • I think everyone should, regardless of income.
  • Dont get screwed, make sure you get one.
  • HOw much does he make? And if it's less why are you getting married to him?

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