• This may seem like a real cop-out of an answer, but perhaps you could try finding someone else who would suit him? He sounds like a very emotional, lonely person. If you find someone that matches him, and introduce him to her, it might alleviate your ordeal. Keep in mind that this will take a while, however.
  • You must do what's best for you. You have to learn to take care of yourself, regardless of what others want. Staying in a bad relationship helps no one. So many people get dramatic when they threaten to do something after a breakup. Don't believe it.
  • you do what you want to do...he shouldnt be threatning his life if you leave that is very selfish.....if your worried about if he would hurt him self maybe let his parents know what he has said and they can look after him....but leave dont stay just because he's making you feel guilty...get your confidence back and go out there and have some fun :)....good luck!!!
  • Well, you're in a pickle. It would be horrible if he topped himself. You could improve your spelling, that would help a lot. Your self confidence has nothing to do with him or anyone else. Having self confidence has everything to do with you.

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