• In general, yes.
  • Definitely not. I've met women in their 40's/50's who are still reasonably attractive, but I've never once met a man of that age who I find to be even remotely attractive.
  • Overall - yes BUT I think the main reasons that contribute to this alot are tanning, wearing make-up all the time, stress & or alcohol consumption.
  • Yes they do "age" faster than men, but they are not necessarily less attractive with their aging. I know a couple of 60+ women whom I would love to bed, if I were not married.
  • Not necessarily. We just notice women's aging more because of the double standards of attractiveness. A man with crow's feet and gray hair is "distinguished", but a woman of the same age is seen as being all washed up. In reality, wrinkles and aging happen to everyone, not just women. Women might age faster due to tanning, makeup, and the stresses of raising a family. If they tried to avoid these things, they probably wouldn't age as quickly. But even when we consider these factors, there are more variations among individuals than there are between the two genders.

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