• I was almost kissed.
  • A blind date was arranged for me in college. When I went down to the dorm lobby, I was thrilled to see all the good-looking guys milling around. Then the single homely one of the bunch appeared out of the crowd and loudly identified himself as my date. I wish I could tell you his charm made up for his lack of looks - unfortunately this was not the case.
  • She was a bitch and I didn't like her.
  • The guy I was with revealed to me that he enjoyed frequenting gay bars and drag clubs "just for fun." Then he berated me for never having been to one. WTF???
  • Worst ever date. Friday 13th!
  • My date drove in a frightening way and made me very anxious. When we got lost she drove even faster ands more recklessly.She smoked, even in the car. We had terrible food, and she could not hold a conversation. I was so afraid to drive home with her that I called a friend to pick me up. SHe got furious that I did not want to drive with her and screamed at me in the bathroom.
  • We were making out and I got sick at my stomach and had to throw up.
  • I ate shrimp and my eyes almost swelled shut. +5
  • She bought her 6 foot 300 pound cousin
  • We were super drunk he took me in his arms to cross the street faster but I dropped my coat he went back still with me in his arms to take it and we almost got hit by a car I was like half coucious loll. Actually that was one of my best dates the rest was super hot.
  • when he kissed me it felt like i took a wet sponge in my mouth, yuck!
  • I accidentally invited all my friends along too. Well I didn't know it was a date! He was sooo gorgeous, I never even dreamed he'd want to be with just me all evening. :)
  • I went on a blind date and he turned out to be a total JERK. It was a double date and I liked my co-worker's ex husband better than my date! I was so horrible I called her from her driveway and asked "What were you thinking???!!!" Never AGAIN
  • I received the worst blowjob I ever got.
  • Worst date ever is not ever been to a date lol thats sad :(

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