• Not nearly as much as the rape, murder, theft and intolerance perpetrated by religious organisations world wide will.
  • Yep, but it will, and has increased more anyways without it. Do you have a problem with that?
  • The backlash against the hypocrisy of organized religion is already doing that. However, the answerlessness, hopelessness, and emptyness of atheism will always relegate it to minority adoption status.
  • No. Cable TV will.
  • No. That sort of thing eventually backfires and calls attention to the very thing it attacks.
  • Maybe - just by raising the profile of god/no god type discussions...
  • No, like Jesus said... Matthew 22:21 Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's. To have an increase in atheism, one must have to set a good example to many with charity drives, help the needy, feed the poor and many other good things that Churches do that are going to get you noticed in a positive way by caring for others, and not just by believing in; "Do what you want nobody cares." A helpful hand can always make another person feel loved and welcomed as Jesus said... John 13:34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you. Also, a good start for atheists Men - Women will be to shave your beard, hide your tattoos, wipe that eyeliner of your face that embarrasses your father, dress and look decent because you know how it is when people like to judge a book by it's cover, lol
  • Yes. Just letting folks know that Atheists are not the wild eyed boogymen that we're portrayed will work wonders.
  • Actually, the religious bigot-zealos' campaigning for their respective God is already increasing atheism. * Atheism is the natural default condition of man. Every man-child is born innocent AND atheist before their brains ‘washed’ --and minds raped-- by religious blackmail of faith, when the children are dependent, defenceless and most vulnerable. Sometimes this is done with superfluous evangelist ‘spiritual’ rubbish, sometimes by deadly ‘jihadist’ poison instilled in Madrassas. * 'Reverting to atheism' by 'discarding the burden of faith' is a natural process, ideally starting at the age of 12, when a person evolves ‘grows up’ and ‘grows out’ of childhood superstitions, like tooth-fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Claus, Tom & Jerry, angels, spirits, jinn, vampires, werewolves, elves, gremlins, imps, ogres, demons ...and gods! [They all were AWESOME when one believed in them!] * More and more people are achieving this during their lifetime, if not as early as at age 12! * Some fortunates of the newer generation are escaping the brain-wash mind-rape, too.
  • The swayed can always be swayed. People of God don't get swayed.
  • No....i think that as people become more educated they understand that god/religion is a fake.
  • I believe in God, but not necessarily in organized religion. I don't see the need for a campaign to increase atheism. In the end, atheism becomes the hated religion it dreads so much, by trying to "recruit" atheists and battle the "other" side. Let everyone decide in their own mind what and who God is, or isn't.
  • I don't know - anyway why should anyone want to do that? Let people choose for themselves what myths they wish to believe in....or for that matter - what myths NOT to believe in. I'm an atheist myself - but I could certainly care less as to you being an atheist like me or a's none of my business really - it's your life and not mine. Just let people believe what they want to believe in their own way and don't worry about it. Nobody gets a prize for converting to atheism - and the simple acknowledgment that it's extremely unlikely that creatures like the Gods exist in the universe isn't going to make you fundamentally a better person. So I say "No" to any organized anti religious movement - what we have no use for is a new "religion" with a rank and file filled with anti religious people.
  • Atheists do not campaign against any deity. There is no deity to campaign against. The campaigns are against a belief in deity, religion, and its influence in our lives. I do not think it will increase Atheism. However, I do think it will encourage more Atheists to speak out, and it will encourage people to consider the position. Atheists can't take the credit. The idea comes from religion. Do you really think people convert to Theism or any religion because of the billboards along the road?
  • It would have exactly the opposite result. The more force one pushes with, the more force is used to pushed back. Relax, and the resisting force has nothing to push against and falls flat on its face. My Mother was a believer, but believed that her faith was private and between her and God. We had neighbors that, as my Mother put it, 'did not know where every one went on Sunday morning.' The neighbors were good people and no one felt it necessary to recruit them to their religion. I am an atheist and do not feel compelled to recruit any one to atheism. Live and let live. Life is good.
  • No. I think the only thing that will increase athiesm is inteligance and common sense.
  • No not really, i believe people make their own minds up about this eventually, irregardless of anything going on in the media.
  • Quite possibly. I think anything that will get people to think critically about gods and religions will create more atheists.
  • Why would you want to do that? Atheism isn't a club where you go recruiting members, it is simple the non belief in a deity. Atheists are all different.
  • Incidentally, i really Do not
  • What office is he running for?

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