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  • Why do you have a boyfriend if you are married?
  • Yes people have divorced to marry their lover. Not good for many. You are already in a marriage that you have proven you have a problem understanding the words commitment and confuse the word lover for love. Why on earth would you want to enter into another marriage when you don't seems to grasp the idea of what a marriage needs to grow and flourish. And this second relationship had already started out on the wrong foot surrounded by lies. How or why he would trust you is astounding but perhaps you need to stop everything and grow on your own before running into another mistake.
  • I don't think that you should. You can't even be faithful to your current husband. How do you expect to be faithful to this one if you ever marry him?
  • Depends. Would you be divorcing to be with your lover? Or divorcing because your marriage is over? A subtle but important distinction. Then again if your husband knows how you're feeling, the decision may well be made for you.
  • I married my second EX the day my first divorce became final.The problem that quickly developed was his jealously.It was smothering beyond belief.I suppose he felt like I cheated with him, I would cheat on him.He expected me to cheat and I did. He caught me and that ended the marriage.You'll likely divorce your husband at some point.Why not just move in with your guy?
  • That sounds so romantic! Sort of like a Casa Blanca where the unfaithful wife ends up with her lover. I say do it if you're ready to end your marriage.
  • The chances for such a marriage surviving is quite low. The chances are such a marriage ending in divorce will be over 70% in 2 to 4 years. It is too bad polyandry is not legal the chances for survival is quite high.

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