• Mine said: Dear Ms. Kitchens, I have decided against celebrating Bellie's birthday in class this coming Tuesday. What was I thinking?! I am so sick of being sick! There's no way I'm coming to that germ hole. I've been sick ever since she started there. See you at PTA (not!). Phillis Bellie's mommy
  • Dear teach, Please excuse Alisha from your english class. She doesnt like the way you pick on her and her friends. Plus we didnt appreciate how you slammed the grade book in my wifes face when she tried to look at our daughters grades. Better yet, why dont we meet with the principle to discuss this. I feel that would be more appropriate and professional. Sincerely, Mr. G
  • You are so bad, tell her sistah, Hahaha!!
  • Ms Kitchens????? LMAO
  • Well Declans preschool teacher asked me INFRONT of him if I was really his parent, and then imformed me that it would be better for his development for me to tell him how his father died and that his mother doesnt love him. And I am so glad he was listening to my Ipod at the time and didnt hear her. The next day she asked him to stay after everyone went out for recess and told him that he should stop calling me mum because I'm not. I was so furious I sent a letter threatening her job and she had to apologise to my face. And the principles orders were that she seek counseling for taking out her childhood pain on a 4 year old.

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