• I think that there are things that can be changed within our justice system. But I also think that no matter how "fair" it is designed, you cannot keep out bias and some individuals' susceptibility to corruption. +2
  • I think judges are a little harder on our negro citizens. Hopefully Obama can change things.
  • The Answer is NO, you forgot the "CRIMINAL" part of the justice system, it's called "The Criminal Justice System" for a reason they have effective created a money making extortionist system (that "Citizens get to pay for" that insures that criminals and NOT citizens are "Protected" under the law and it has nothing to do with any form of real justice at all just another way to keep the money trade going and flowing and citizens are NOT treated at all fairly or other wise under this system at all just criminals and you wonder where that $29.2 trillion debt comes from and as every one know deficits go on the over all National Debt ... ~Nemo~
  • Life is NOT always fair even in the justice system, sadly.
  • Yes, if you have a "fair" amount of money. Otherwise, your're at the mercy of the system.
  • If you have the money for it.
  • Oh HELL no. PEOPLE are involved.
  • Absolutely Not! The poor better get used to the sound of jail doors slamming if they get into trouble.
  • we do not have a justice system... we have a legal system. and a pretty crappy one at that.
  • Of course, but as with any truly enormous bureaucratic system, some are treated more fairly than others. And considering some of the alternatives, and despite its weaknesses, this system is overall relatively fair
  • Haha, it was fun. Thanks.

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