• No its not strange and good for you. You're a very good person.
  • Lots of people donate anonymously because they don't want the spotlight on them. It's cool. For what it's worth I think you did a good deed, somebody will appreciate the gift regardless of the donor or the circumstances.
  • its being humble, when i am ready to do the chop job (i have waist lenght "virgin" hair) i will be doing the same as you..good for you.
  • You are trying to be correct in your intent without asking for anything back. Nothing is wrong with doing a deed and expecting nothing back in return. That is the most Divine practice you can do as a human. Love all, serve all and seriously expect nothing in return. But telling people about Locks for Love is a good thing because you are spreading the word. You are actually displaying an example of selflessness that can be seen and appreciated by all and hopefully, in some way get others to maybe spread the word about it.
  • It is normal to feel this way. Many people are just like you. If you have the time for a longer answer, you could tell them where the hair went and feel proud without bragging as opposed to feeling humble, but if you don't feel like talking about it (becuase they might want to hear more about it), you could just say, "Thanks for noticing, I hope you like it!"
  • If more people in this world committed selfless acts there is no doubt in my mind that it would truly be a better place. Good for you!:)
  • You raise a good point. The people that I've known who donated sounded boastful to me (but maybe they didn't think they were bragging, just trying to raise awareness). If you don't feel comfortable giving the reason for your haircut, then you don't have to tell anyone. I respect your integrity and desire to do a good deed in secret. Genuine altruism does not boast or expect to be praised.
  • No, you're not strange. People that find humility a value is admirable. The arrogant ones are not. I will do things like that as well (I've never had hair long enough to donate.)
  • As long as people ask about your new do, you should be able to mention your good deed. You did something wonderful... Own it!
  • It is okay for you not to want to talk about it. But my daughter's mom donated her very long curls to Locks of Love about a year ago, because she was scheduled for chemotherapy and she knew she would lose it anyhow. I have known this woman for twenty years and never realized just how curly her hair was until it started growing back in. Our daughter donated her very long curls a few months later, when i asked her if it was because Mom had done it she said, No, she had been planning it since she was 12. It made me very proud of them both.
  • Its not strange at all. I am actually the same way. =)
  • To me, that shows you actually truly did something nice. I don't think you should worry about it, though. You wouldn't be bragging as much as you'd be answering a question. They asked first. It's not like you just went up to them and started bragging about how you donated your hair to Locks for Love. There's nothing wrong with them asking you about it and there's nothing wrong with you telling them that. Seriously, though, no, ... you're not strange. It sounds like you're just a normal, genuinely nice person. :)
  • I like to do good things and keep them secret. It is a great way to build self esteem in a positive way, as well as makin the world better for everyone. In this case though, I wouldn't keep it a secret. If someone asks you you can tell the truth; that's very different than promoting it on your own initiative. By sharing this with those who ask you will be leading by example. That is the best way to make a difference. Besides, there are MANY who would love to do the same but never thought about it or knew you could. +5
  • No, I am the same way. When I get a new haircut it shockes people because I go so long between cuts that my hair gets REALLY long. I just smile and say "Thank you, it was time for a change." I don't tell them that my routine is to wait until my hair is long enough to donate before I get it cut. It's one of the few generous things I can do, as I don't have a lot of money.
  • As long as you dont put others on a guilt trip you're fine. If I had long hair I wouldn't donate to Locks of Loves because I would want my hair. I don't like to think I'm a hair farm for an organization.
  • I get why people are answering the way they are. Being boastful isn't a virtue. The person doing the boasting gets old really fast. On the flipside, there's nothing wrong with owning your good deed, to recognize the fact that you are indeed a decent person. It's like the person who ends up recieving the hair gets 100% of the benefit, while you get nothing. Where's the virtue in that? Why can't everybody get something out of it? The goal is to create balance in all areas of life. a win/win situation is the best for all involved, and creates the positive self-image you need to continue your good works. If you cannot allow yourself to feel the pleasure from giving, then what is the likelihood you'll have enough motivation to continue giving thoughout your whole life? +5

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