• No. Blood is a bitch to get out!
  • Actually no, I believe it was the sacrafice of his entire life that washed my sins away. +++
  • Erm, no.
  • Do you have access to a time machine? How else did you get your hands on MrChrist`s blood?
  • WOW, did you actually get one drop of jesus' blood? because if so, that blood stain would be invaluable to science. I mean jeez who would have ever figured that you could get blood samples from mythical creatures. Hey could you give me the site that you ordered this from (maybe your preacher knows?) I have been looking for leprechaun blood. I hear it does wonders for luck and turns carbon into gold.
  • No, this would be mystical to believe such a statement. What "washed away your sin" was the belief in Christ. The acceptance that Christ is your Lord and Saviour. The acceptance the Jesus Is God the Father. I am not pointing this out to be sarcastic. I am only saying this for all those who will attempt to down play your belief in Christ and The Holy Spirits ability to cleanse you from sin.
  • OMG I can i were did you oder jesus blood. Is there any other mystical creatures blood samples there. maybe some Alien blood which is acid. I would like to mess around with that. Care to send me a link thx
  • YES. In the same way people say that Jesus would have come and laid down His life even if I was the only one needing saveing. There is more than enough power in just one drop to wipe out all humanities sins. Unfortunately our sins also requires a death sentance that demanded enough of Christ's blood so as to kill Him in our place. He had to go to Hell in our place with our sins so He could leave them there to satisfy all rightiousness.
  • No. Maybe your common sense got brainwashed away though.
  • well considering there are creatures on this planet that can kill ten men with one drop of their blood, I'd definitely say Jesus didn't really break any records. But I do have to ask, just where does one stumble upon The Blood of Christ? Can you get Jesus Juice at the grocer?
  • yes i do.i received the same gift.
  • Not even a little.
  • Jesus' blood has long since disintegrated.
  • Yes, do you?
  • Yes I believe it only took one drop....but we still have to ask for forgiveness, believe that He died on the cross for our sins, etc....
  • Nope, this whole business of God forgiving sins annoys me. It is an easy out of being personally responsible for your misdeeds. I asked a Christian friend once if a man who committed many crimes like rape and murder earnestly repented to God and ask forgiveness would that man go to heaven? He replied yes he believed so. Then I asked about a man who lived a good and honorable life but who had not sought God...what would be his fate? Why, he would not go to heaven and would likely go to hell was the answer. Funny stuff isn't it?
  • Not really. How does this even make sense? (even figuratively speaking). Like someone said above, this is an easy way out of feeling guilty for your misdeeds. It doesn't really fix anything. You can be a murdurer who seeks forgiveness and who is then "clean". Not to mention Jesus' blood won't bring back those you killed.
  • Nope. Where would anyone get a drop of his blood?
  • No all of it does.
  • Bawks - easy fix for your guilt.
  • This is a symbol of a lesson. Christ consciousness is an awareness of what is real, our souls, not our bodies. When we are in that state of consciousness "sin" or addictive desire for the physical falls by the wayside.
  • Do I believe in sin? -No Do I believe such sin needs cleansing? -No Do I believe there is a punishment for not cleansing away the nonexistent sin? -No Do I believe Jesus is a benevolent demigod? -No Do I believe in God? -No Do I believe it's possible that you attained the blood of a person who may or may not have actually existed, who might or might not have been executed over 2000 years ago? -No.
  • Noooooooo, not at all. Sin and guilt are creations of a business group to survive by controlling human beings. Jesus if existed would only be a prophet, which is basically an enlightened human beings. Every culture has or had enlightened human beings existed and still existing. They could have more visibility to God than many others. That doesn't mean that their blood can wash your sins. Those are imaginations.

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