• You are pathetic
  • Stop flirting with your wife's friend and stay faithful instead! You should have left it at the threesome and not made out with her, and definitely not started to flirt with her. Maybe she thinks you are creepy.
  • You are a fool and In my eyes pathetic just like the other person said. Unless you and your wife agreed to an open relationship then who gives a crap whats up with the girl?
  • What's up? She's not interested in "text flirting," obviously.  
  • She's sober during the week.
  • she'd rather be with you than the phone appearantly...
  • She's not comfortable with it unless she's drunk.
  • shes using you when shes drunk and bored dude.
  • Maybe she regrets what she's done.
  • Well i would say you probably shouldn't have done this anyway, even if you don't believe in the sanctity of marriage. Let me explain. Women get jealous sometimes bigtime jealous so just because it was ok right then when you were drinking doesnt mean its always going to sit well with your wife. As for the reason she doesn't text back, its probably because she considers this a mistake, or she likes you alot and doesnt want to take you away from your wife, take your pick. Your wife will always wonder if you liked her friend in bed better then her, not a cool move. Hope it was worth it, your probably going to have alot of things come down on your head because of this.
  • I agree. You are pathetic. A good friend of mine, my boyfriend and I got high one time and afterward went back to her house and when I fell asleep they ended up fooling around. The betrayal and hurt that I felt I still have today and it's been almost a year. Shame on you. I think your wife is a fool for being married to you and I hope that karma strikes and she find's someone better.
  • And they say all the good ones are taken............
  • You belong to her friend and you got used - shared round like a slice of pizza. You were an easy lay, that's all. Why would she want to talk to you away from using you (borrowing you) to scratch her itch? Don't get offended by that - you were OK with this - everyone used everyone, right?
  • Maybe because shes sober, but I would ask a good friend of hers, your wife.

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