• What an ignorant thing to say!! Whether anyone 'burns in hell' is debatable anyway, but if it were true, how do you know you don't burn in hell for asking or hoping such a thing can come true!!!????
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      God's sacred word is "debatable"? Have you ever WONDERED why so many people reject crappy excuse-making, only-believe-the-parts-that-are-conveneient CHRISTIANITYT?
  • No! That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      How is it stupid? GOD ENJOYS IT.
    • mushroom
      I never read anything in the Bible indicating that God enjoys people burning in Hell. I did read where God enjoys the smell of bbq goat.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      So you never read any hint of "144,000" being 'saved' AND ALL THE REST being burned in torment unendingly, in a "lake of fire" with "MOANING AND GNASHING OF TEETH"? FOR ETERNITY WITHOUT END????? Hmm...well, maybe there's a few chapters missing out of your book. Did you perhaps rip them out yourself because you figure what god is like is up to your editing?
  • If you do, you have violated everything your religion stands for. Religion is based on forgiveness, not hate.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Right. Thats why your god is scheduled to burn 13 billion people in unending agony forever, when he could just as easily blot them out rather than make them suffer...for trillions...and trillions...and trillions...and trillions of YEARS ..and then MORE trillions of years....and MORE!!! and MORE!!!!!!! and MORE!!!!!
  • That certainly doesn't sound like a very "Christian" attitude.
  • No. Any person lost to such a damned place is a great loss.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I'm there now. I know I am, because I'm listening to you people speaking in such a dumb manner.
  • NO one is in hell but judgmental aholes who think they have the answer to everything.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Exactly, because whatever you make up that's what reality is. Boom. Who needs god. we got you.
  • i agree with everyone above. this is awful! (the disgusting part of me is biting my lips, wanting to ask, "could we watch on High Definition TV?") i'll refrain! when i see the hell and torment that so many people here on earth experience - ptsd, homelessness, mental illness ... i shutter to think that there could be worse things ...
  • No. It isn't a pleasant prospect for any one to go to hell. Even those that are extremely vocal about how they truly believe that they want to go because they think that it will be a big party.
  • Absolutely, that is the one of the main appeals of the Christian religion. Why do you think those Left Behind books sell so well? Its every Christian's wet dream to be whisked up to heaven while everyone else suffers damnation.
  • No (as I'm a non-believer) But if someone gets a kick at the thought of me burning in hell, so what. See you there mate! ;-)
  • If you understand the Law, and the commentments,how does that give any of us,pleasure or joy in seeng others,fail or suffer?
  • My religion doesn't really have a "hell" as Christians tend to believe in. So, no.
  • I dont, but Allah does what He wish, and His wish has wisdom
  • not as much as us non believers get at the thought of believers finding their is no heaven...just a cliff to jump of like the rest of the Lemmings
  • No. But i will enjoy it when those bastards who say we are wrong about God see their new living quarters.
  • no i don't. non-believers hate it when christians try and convert them, when all they are doing is trying to help them. even if you don't believe in it you should still be pretty flattered that someone would take their time and stop you from burning in a lake of fire for eternity.
  • Never. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone.
  • Not at all! +5
  • NOPE ; Ya' see I reject the theory of a HELL .... I believe that we are living hell right now on the earth ... and that it can only get better ... +5
  • That would be a big NO, i dont enjoy the prospect of anyone burning in hell for an eternity. i mean really thats quite a long time.
  • As an atheist, who believes in many things, just not the god thing, I am eligible to answer: I REALLY enjoy the prospect :-) Does it ensure I go to hell if I say christianity is a joke ?
  • No, not at all! It's a terrifying thought, really.
  • No, I do not. I am not sure if this was a genuine question or another intolerant one aimed at us believers. No matter.. if you choose to spend your time that way I feel badly for you. I do not enjoy the thought of anyone suffering an eternal death. I think there are animals among us who are deserving but even then.. I wonder what happened to them to make them so removed from humanity so when I pray.. I pray for every single one of us. I do not like the term "christian". Never have. I believe it to mean Christ-like and none of us are. We may follow beliefs they label Christian but we are not worthy of such a title as we are mere men/women. We are judgemental and harsh not loving as "christianity" teaches. Only God knows the end for any of us. We can use the Bible or whatever we wish to try and dictate who has eternal life or not but the fact is.. none of us can speak for God. I believe God loves everyone.. believers or non-believers. I believe He knows us personally and deeper than we know ourselves or others know us. I do not believe any man has the right to even try to tell another what God is going to do with them.
  • As I love to celebrate the image of the son of my god being tortured to death on the cross, I equally embrace the thought of non-believers writhing in agony. Pain, humiliation and the abuse of power is my trinity.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      AMEN!! Who doesn't like seeing poor people suffering. THAT'S WHY AMERICA VOTES REPUBLICAN! RA RA!!
  • Ummm. That wouldn't be very Christian, would it?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      So you're saying God isn't very Christian?
  • Even if cruel and judgmental people have indicated that to you, why not be better than that and not fling insults back at them?
  • The question has nothing to do with believer or non-believer. It's like asking if you enjoy watching people shoot other people. It has more do with disobedience to the law and the conquences of disobedience. So are we going to say,"Let's keep violating the law so we can party with our friends in prison?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      After listening to you I have decided to give up helping people, to become a sinner, so I can go to hell. Because surely any world where people use words like "obedience" and 'violating" and NAZI TERMINOLOGY like that, I want NO part of it. Thats the ugliest damn garbage there is, all that BULLY NAZI cops preying on the weak, expecting to be thanked (and even hero-worshiped) for it SHIT, while stupid people make excuses about it being "good". If that's good, I"M NOT.
  • that would leave you yourself becoming a sinner wishing such misfortune upon another human being...and possibly leading you to a burning hell???
  • you're assuming that all believers go to Heaven and that's not the case.
  • Of co!urse not. But I do agree with God that it should be their choice.

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