• Yes, according to a study. From the BBC: "Girls are becoming increasingly violent when they bully other children, a university study suggests. Researchers from Brunel University highlight the growing phenomenon of the 'girl gang' and warn this is leading to more aggressive behaviour among girls. The study also indicates that bullies are becoming more sophisticated in terms of using phones and internet."
  • They are less constrained because there aren't as many "societal norms" as their used to be... like ladies having to act lady-like.
  • Lol yeah
  • Everything I read indicates it to be so. Part of it is the young age at which parents are allowing children to start having sex. Young girls are experiencing jealousy and resentment about their partners' and other girls' sexual shenanigans. These are emotions that adults can hardly deal with civilly. Children are not mature enough to deal with them at all. I think we can expect to see all kinds of unnatural and deviant behavior from children until parents again take control of their children. This is not the government's job, this is the job of parents. Human development happens in a certain order. When human children attempt to live in a developmental stage at which they have not yet arrived, the result will always be deviant.
  • 12-28-2016 Girls have always been more violent than anybody thought they should be. It was just considered individual misconduct, not a societal problem.
  • In the last thirty-five years I think no question about it. Same as guys, and like guys they glorify the actions and philosophies (if you can call them that) of urban male gangs and emulate them.
  • Where I live, there has always been a high percentage of violent girls.

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