• no, cause all i do is get a sore arm for wks while i never get the flu anyways and dont need the sore arm
  • No. I have been two years now without the flu shot, and two years without the flu. I stopped doing the shot to see if it, or the 3M surgical mask, was the reason I been flu-free. It was the mask. Not even had a cold! If you are going to wear a REAL surgical mask, you don't need the flu shot. I emphasize the word REAL!
  • Yup I am. The last real case of flu I had was over 20 years ago. That was the year I got so sick with the flu I thought I was going to die. I've been getting the shot ever since.
  • No. I have a good immune system. But I have seen cases where flu shots have made people sick - I don't trust the medical profession.
  • I usually get it every year whenever they tell me I need one. Same for any immunization, test or screen.
  • Now that I'm over 60, it's recommended, so I've been doing it.

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