• The older you are, the more attractive that sounds!
  • Sad to say; but that sounds mighty appealing about now! LOL! . BTW, how you doing Legend? Haven't seen you in a while. Been on and off a lot here. Hope things are going good for you.
  • Healthy living does not exclude occasional splurges on something. I think I live healthy, I eat bacon, eggs, butter, drink beer or wine, like a shot of spirits and my health and blood pressure is excellent and my lipids are also!! What I would not recommend is smoking, when I would lit one cigarette after not having smoked for 22 years, I would be full in it again..... Thing is, when you allow yourself sometimes to enjoy foods you otherwise avoid, you don't get those "all or nothing" urges..... To answer your question clear-cut: Yes!
  • yeah. i dont live that healthy but im ok with being fat because i dont want to live forever. every ones time will come and im ready to die at any moment :/ im goin' to live how i want. its my life and i will enjoy it how i please :)
  • That sounds absolutely fucking grand right now.
  •, i'm going to say none of those sound appealing =(

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