• In layman's terms, Java Script is extra code that works with a website. It allows you to do things you wouldn't be able to do normally-- but can range from things unseen to things that let you interact with a site more.
  • It's just a nice programming language. If your having issues with it, depends if javascript is being used nicely or if it's a hack attempt. here's an example of the nice side of javascipt
  • javascript is a client side programming language. It runs in the browser not on the server. It allows you access to all the page elements so you can ad click events to a button and have a javascript function handle what happens when the button is clicked. Usually that is done to validate form fields to say "hay you did not fill this field."
  • I'll email jerv and point himin your direction, NUNYA. As for some of the stuff you've been talking about, let's explain a few things: Defrag: Defragging is a process which involves reorganizing the information which is stored on your HARD DRIVE. It has little to do with your RAM, except what RAM is necessary to perform the defrag function. Here, in a nutshell, is what happens with your hard drive when your computer stores data on it: The computer will store bits and pieces of a program, process, or file in several different spots on your hard drive. How it does this is a funciton of the available storage space on your HD, how that storage space is already utilized, and how the programs/files it saves are structured. So, when your computer stores a program, for example, it saves part of it in one spot of the HD, another piece in another place on the HD, and still more sections of the program in other spots. And in order to run that program later, the computer must find all those pieces and run them correctly in order to work. Think of it as having to dig up several items located in different places in your house in order to do a job, like cleaning. The more places you have all your cleaning gear stored, the longer it takes for you to get everything you need to start cleaning. When you defrag, your computer looks at everything you have stored on the hard drive and analyzes it to see what needs to be grouped together in order to more efficiently operate and to clear up larger spaces on your hard drive. Then it starts shuffling all that information around to group everything more efficiently. Again, think of it like cleaning out and reorganizing your cabinets and closets. You'll do things like group all your cleaning gear in one cabinet or closet so that you can find it faster. That's defragging in a nutshell. Doing this periodically can help keep your computer running faster and more efficiently. Java, now, is basically a programming language which runs inside of an internet browser to perform certain functions on a web site when you are on it. Viewing of pictures or videos isn't one of those functions, that I'm aware of. If you visited a web page that did something for you, like say you wanted to convert miles to kilometers for example, and the site had a calculator on their page for that, java script it the language that enables that calculator to perform that function on your computer when you type the data in. Now, for the problems you seem to be having: I don't know enough to get you through this, so I've emailed jerv to take a look at what you've posted. HOWEVER, if I were you I would do the following things first: 1. Run a complete virus scan and take care of anything that comes up. 2. Do a complete scan for adware/spyware in addition to the virus scan. Clean anything you find. 3. Complete the defrag of your computer, which will streamline what is on the hard drive. 4. Look at all the processes you have running using Task Manager. Look these processes up online to see what they do. This could take you a while, 'cause there are usually a few dozen, as you've seen. And when you look them up, be careful about searching the EXACT spelling of the process as it's shown on Task Manager. Many malware programs use spelling which is deliberately very similar to the legitimately spelled processes. If you find anything in your search that looks suspicious, investigate it online to see if there are known problems and fixes. 5. For browser function problems, take a look at your settings. Go to Tools, Internet Options, and look at a few things: Under the Privacy tab, make sure your privaacy settings are set to Medium. Under the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Multimedia section and make sure you have the boxes for such things as "Play videos in web pages" checked. Go back to Tools, and select Manage Add-ons. Look at all the stuff you have listed as an Add-on and see if you have anything disabled that needs to be enabled. Also, if you have a lot of extra stuff enabled that you don't use, consider disabling it. Sometimes a having a lot of Add-ons can cause problems, and so can some single Add-ons. This doesn't remove the Add-on, so if you later find you need it, you can simple re-enable it. 6. And finally, take a look at the sheer number of programs you have loaded onto your computer. My wife, God bless her, is the master of loading every little cr*p program onto her computer. She currently has between 90 and 100 icons on her desk top for tons of extraneous stuff she could do without. Just having that many things in her desk top means her start-up time is HORRIBLE! Consider uninstalling programs you DON'T use. Clean up your desk top. I move any unused or infrequently used icons to a Shortcuts folder I created, just because I DON'T like to clutter up my screen with tons of icons to things I don't routinely use. And also consider disabling the automatic start-up of all those programs as well. That takes time and uses computer resources to run all those things when you don't need them. You can always open the program you need when you need it. (I'm not sure how you go about doing this...I don't have that much anyway, so I've never looked into it. jerv would know more on this.) This will get you off to a good start. Maybe even fix the problem, who knows? If not, someone more knowledgable than me can help you.
  • Javascript is a programming language that tells the computer how to do and display things. HTML is also a programming language, and that is what makes the Web possible. <script type="text/javascript">rpc_info['user'] = {"question":{"neg":"-5","pos":"5"},"answer":{"pos":"6","neg":"-5"},"rating_box_delay":"0"}</script> <script type="text/javascript"> var question_info = { id: 1691069, aid: '', text: 'Using "simple" words, Can you tell me what Java Script is? Does it have anything to do with the pictures that come up on a computer?' }; </script> That is what the code for your question looks like, or at least the small part of the "source code" that deals with that little section of the page. The source code for this page is *much* longer and more arcane. Basically, that little snippet I posted calls up a little program elsewhere on the AB server that tells it how to display a question ("Put it HERE in blue letters and display the little box to allow people to up/downrate this question, which is question number 1691069") but you don't need to worry about that any more than you need to worry about t position of the camshafts and valves in your car's engine; it all goes on behind the scenes. I am rambling; g33king out. The shortened answer is that it can, depending on how the person who designed a particular website did it. The little UR/DR boxes you see on this page appear to be Javascript.
  • JavaScript is a scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as an integrated component of the web browser, allowing the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. for more information click on <a href=""></a>

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