• I don't know where you live so this might not be practical. Why don't you explore. You never know what you''ll find. Treat yourself to three or four days in a place where you have never been before. It should be two or three hours drive from where you live. In route you could stop and visit whatever looks interesting. I'm sure that you have access to Google Maps so explore. Once I was passing through Milano Texas and saw an amazing old stone house. Being curious, having some time on my hands and seeing a pickup in front I stopped to ask about the house. The person there was the owner. It was being restored it to what he and his associates believed it probably looked like when Mr Beard's mother took occupancy in 1898. The owner is a Dr. Hamilton, Professor of Nautical Archeology at Texas A&M University. In exchange for a two or three hour tour I had to sign his register. I was by no means his first visitor. He enjoyed showing me around as much as I did seeing it all. or google Rock House in Milano Do it. You'll never know what you might stumble across. TAKE YOUR CAMERA!
  • Go on a cruise ship for several days. Those cruise ships are FULL of single women. You'll feel like a piece of meat thrown into the middle of a pack of dogs (but in a good way). This is a serious suggestion, just ask some travel agents for confirmation.
    • tominhouston
      Good idea. What was that TV show in the 80's "The Love Boat"

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