• You could see a lack of religion similar to a religion itself, but instead of giving the specific values and habits that each religion implies, it gives you freedom to look for that same "guidance" somewhere else. My 2 pieces of copper
  • Religion is defined as the belief in a divine power. Most peoples reason for being religious is likely to be one or more of the following:- 1. They were raised as such by their parents/guardians, or many people they respect are also religious and they need/want to follow suit 2. They fear what comes after death for themselves or others and need to believe in an afterlife 3. They need an explanation for some of the "big questions" such as where we came from and what our purpose is 4. They need, want, agree with or can relate to the moral teachings of the religion and seek to use it as a guide. 5. There is some other hole in their life that they need to fill, and religion can fill it. 6. It is comforting to think that a divine power is on your side. 7. Some people are driven to religion in despair when they need help or healing. A sense of hope is often very helpful to people. In contrast, here are some reasons for not being religious:- 1. One may not have any of the reasons listed above to be religious. If there is no reason to be religious, why be religious? 2. Some people are scared of religion because it makes them feel as if they are not in control, and are not religious for selfish reasons, as a way of justifying selfish actions. 3. Some people do not need religion to give them a sense of morals. 4. Religion is often the cause of a lot of suffering, such as in wars, which can put people off. 5. There are so many religions to chose from, why just pick one? How do you know which one is "right"? 6. Many people are prepared to accept that they simply do not know if there is a God or not, and they do not need to make themselves think they know to be content in themselves. 7. Religion can be seen as corrupting as successful religions tend to require blind faith in order to reach salvation. It would be easy to use the kind of language used by religions to draw followers to make people believe in anything.
  • Many people are not affiliated with a specific religion, but live a spiritual life.
  • because it's not important to them...
  • They don't want or need it.
  • Maybe they just havnt been introduced to one. Most of us are our religion because thats what we've grown up to believe from parents ect. Some choose their own later in life. But id say people without a religios view is because of what they've been taught,ie, nothing. i guess.
  • Maybe religion had a negative impact on their lives so they shy away from it.
  • They weren't born to parents who had one.
  • Religion might lack logical appeal to some people; to each his or her own.
  • Some people don't believe in God. Some that believe in or feel they have a relationship with God often feel that religion misrepresents the Word of God.
  • Why would someone have one?
  • I was raised Christian, as was my husband, I strayed from it long before he did. I do not need a religion because honestly religion made me feel worse, I saw the suffering, and I am prone to react to it, I read the bible for guidance and what I read was appalling. Out of some of the horrendous things I watched, I started doubting, and threats of hell just pissed me off, I studied other religions and other deities and none I saw reason to consider them godly, or saw proof of it. So I exist without religion. My husband followed suit after our son died, we have survived and done fine without it, it isn't needed in either of our lives.
  • They might have rejected it early in life and have not thought much about the subject.Others think scientifically and do not believe there is such thing as a god.
  • One reason might be because the people who represent the religion are hypocrites and enjoy the power and control, and are presenting their own interpretations instead of God's. A lot of restrictions are people-made. +5
  • To keep garbage from collecting.
  • Maybe they are spiritual+
  • I simply have no need of it. If I wanted some I know where to get it - but I don't want any. I don't want a Snowmobile either - or a boat - or a swimming pool...there's lots of things I don't want or need.
  • Because their brain is working properly.
  • For the same reason I don't sleep with a teddy bear anymore. They grew up.
  • Some people like to take the whole weekend off :)
  • I regard religion to be like a fancy container for the scriptures and practices that keep a belief nice and tidy and predictable. It is just possible that for some, the bottom of that container falls out one day and there is seen to be nothing inside. Now if they don't go right out and get another one, they also find that they are very much alive and that they have the incomprehensible gift of life - as it is. They might be still enough for one moment to recognize that another religion would get in the way of what is actually alive and is living what they thought was "their life" previously. When this happens, it is the irreversible beginning of the end of religion for some, some lucky ones.
  • I was raised Christian but turned agnostic 3 years ago. Any fantasy i have i want to dream of for myself not hear about some lunacy in the sky telling me that i'm a bad person.
  • Because I don't believe the crap someone else tries to shove down my throat. I have my own relationship with my own god, I don't need a man (or woman) telling me what to believe, how to believe, who to believe. I can figure it out for myself thank you very much!
  • For the same reason someone would - to give greater purpose to their life. Not, of course, considering the afterlife opportunities. imho
  • Maybe they dont want to deal with the rival religions, or to be labeled...

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