• If you feel like you have troll, go to feedback and explain it there, or find a Community leader, to help you out. You say you have pride on not getting DR, yet you have no problem DRing others, with an 85% rating, I am sure that may have something to do with it.
  • I wish I could say I never get any DRs. the higher you go the more you will get unless you agree with everyone all the time. If you are sure it is the same person go to Feedback at the bottom of your activities page and then they will follow the persons account .If they see a pattern the perpetrator will be penalised.
  • hon turn off ratings enjoy ab, is not worth the stress . +5
  • Well I rated you up on Spicy Hot says, if you think you have picked up a troll then you need to discuss your problem with a CL, but please be sure you are not downrating those who disagree with your opinions before you complain about your ratings.
  • In addition to al the other suggestions here, you can do what I do: Have fun at the expense of the trolls by posting special videos for them! The rest of us enjoy the creativity, as well! Like this one: . .
  • I can only speak for myself my friend. I advise that you totally detach yourself from such things. Your asking this question gives this person pleasure because he/she knows it bothers you. My view of DR's is that they are silly. They don't bother me at all. If they give others pleasure to give, I don't care. DR's have nothing to do with you..they have everything to do with the character or lack thereof of the person giving them out. Just my opinion. Ignore them as being the irrelevant attacks of unhappy people and they ought not bother you again! :)
  • Ok, so you have your first stalker. Think of it as a badge of graduation. Let it give you a thicker skin. Don't let the little things like this bother you.
  • I rest my case. Troll on board.
  • At the bottom of every page is the word 'feedback'. It's a link. Click on it! In a short, concise paragraph, tell them what the problem is. They can look and see who has been DRIng you. On a personal note, TURN 'EM IN!! It's very likely they are doing it to other people, too. Do the community a favor! Show no mercy. +5

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