• I have known lots of people who have done that. Not sure it's a "law" but a way to put them to rest.
  • My parents buried a box with the ashes of my SOB grandfather in the backyard, his second wife did not want them. He is in the same wooded area as three of my beloved pet cats. This is NY and it's their private property. My husband and I took his grandfather's ashes to the cemetery and sprinkled them on top of grandma's grave. Grandpa was hardly with grandma in life but he is certainly with her in death.
  • I believe you can do anything with ashes, bury them somewhere, scatter them, keep them in an urn. Ashes are sterile, so there isn't a biohazard, and decomposition isn't a problem. My mother scattered her brother's ashes in a park he loved. My ex father in law's ashes were buried in a coffee can (his request, one he had on his back porch).
  • I'm not sure. But if it was their wish, do it. What are they gonna do if they catch you? Make you dig 'em up? PAy a fine? Hell, we've decided that when we place my fiancee's plack next to his grandma we're going to "plant" a bush next them and put his ashes in the hole. Why? Bacause the cemetary wants $150.00 to turn over a spade full of dirt.
  • can you bury someone in your backyard? If you have more then one acre of land?
  • I know this one! It IS illegal! My grandmother recently past away! At the funeral home we (the family making the arrangements)had to each sign an Ohio law document stating that we would not mistreat the ashes... Spread them, dump them, bury them, take them over state lines, put them in a river, ect... Of course we signed it! However, we totally intend to take the ashes out of state and put them in a river! Let them catch us! These were her wishes and we intend to fulfill them! So it's illegal, but who's gonna catch you and how will they prove it???
  • It is illegal..but...If you do it one is going to know :)

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