• yes you can! you can use a regular taper (like the ones people use on their earlobes) to stretch it to the size you want. if you can't fit an earring through it, it's is probably at about 18g right now. you'll need a 14g taper (you can use a 16g taper first if you're worried about pain or stretching too fast). just massage the skin to get it soft & pliable. coat the taper in some water-based lube & insert it into the navel piercing. just push it through. most navel piercing jewelry is 14g so you only have to do it once. once you've pushed the taper almost all the way through, get the barbell ready & put it in as the taper exits. then screw the ball on & voila! you're done. hope that helped a little, even though you asked this a few months ago :)
  • Yeah, sure, put a ring in and hang a weight on it
  • You can stretch any piercing, but it will probably take a little longer to stretch a navel, since it's more flesh. I would get a 16g taper and jewelry, you don't want to skip a size if that regular earring isn't very, very loose in the hole. Massages daily for a few weeks will help loosen it up and make the stretch easier. For ears you need to wait a min. of a month between 16g and 14g, for a navel I would probably wait at least 2-3, more if you need it. Then you only need a 14g taper and jewelry, which was probably your original size. An alternative to tapers is taping. Teflon tape is wrapped in one or two layers every few days, it's a gradual and gentler way of stretching. At small sizes, however, it's harder to work with the tape. At sizes like 18g, one layer of tape may make your jewelry too large, so I would try tapers first. Stretching in general: Taping:

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