• You really thought that picture was that bad? I think my kids probably would have made fun of him.
  • It's legal for males and females to go topples in Canada. I don't think hiding sexuality is healthy at all, and leads to repression. Being desensitized to the physical attributes of our genders can only lead to appreciation of the mind. Unfortunately for 13yr old males all over our great nation, most women choose not to take advantage of our freedom of shirtlessness.
  • Define partially naked. I see partially naked people walking down the street all the time. They are all over at the beach. It's just the areas that are considered taboo that are kept covered. In general, I wouldn't be pleased to see this with small children around if only because I would then have to try to explain why this person was acting outside of what was considered socially acceptable. It is illegal because the majority are uncomfortable with it. If it were legal, the novelty would quickly wear off and we would cease to care nearly so much about it.
  • I think there is no good reason for nudity being illegal. Why would I want to hide the human body from my children? Do you make your children wear a blindfold when they shower, or get undressed? No. There is nothing wrong with the naked human body, and I would have no issue with seeing someone naked walking down the street, or having any future children of mine seeing someone naked.
  • Can you define: partially naked? Do you mean.. female: wearing a bikini? male: shirt off? or what? can you define what bit is illegal?
  • Not particularly. But I wouldn't want to impose on their freedoms either. Is what they're doing illegal in this particular area? Is the person incapacitated or mentally impaired? Do they need assistance? Most situations are teaching experiences for children one way or the other. It would probably be best to teach them concern for those less fortunate rather than to teach them panic and outrage.

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