• First of all great question! +3 Well I definitely believe in Bigfoot, chupracabra and aliens. Even though with aliens I don't know what to believe about how they look. As far as mothman I would need more evidence to believe in it. I used to believe in nessie but one of the most famous photos of it was proven to be a fake. So that kind of shattered my faith in that.
    • ReiSan
      Bigfoot is a crude hoax. ET aliens cannot ever come here if they do indeed exist.
  • fairys at the bottom of my garden.
  • if i really believed in one i would say nessie
  • I believe in sea creatures undiscovered, they have found a new animal in florida that is almost like a manatee but has a trident tail and different head and body shape. I think there is still a lot of things still undiscovered but I don't think that they are as fantastic as we would like to think
  • Yeah the famous black and white photo of nessies head was a toy submarine with a dinosaur head stuck on top. The photo was taken in water that was only like a foot high.
  • None of them.
    • ReiSan
      I agree!
  • mother in laws . ;-)
  • None of them whatsoever! There is no solid evidence for their existence. They are just hoaxes.
  • none of them
  • None of them whatsoever! They're all hoaxes.
  • None at all! There's no proof they're real.
  • None of them!
    • bostjan64
      Meh, there are tons of cryptids that have been proven to have existed before: platypus, okapi, komodo dragon, giant squid, colossal squid, gorilla, rhinoceros, and even the bondegezou, which was considered a cryptid by mainstream biologists until 2009 (even after solid evidence of its existence was presented in 1987 and again in 1994). It's entirely plausible that there are at least a few still waiting to be confirmed to be out there. Others may have been truly spotted but may have gone extinct since they were last reported. So, as much as bigfoot or sasquatch aren't going to be captured, there are plenty of other weird animals out there that do exist and haven't been captured yet. To brush all unsupported claims off as false is just as naive as accepting them all as true without proof.
  • Bigfoot, only if he exists he's probably a Neanderthal Man who never crossed over.

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