• All you can do is keep playing. No use giving up on something you love just because someone else tells you you are no good.
  • sure thing...never give up
  • +5 sounds wise to me :-)
  • Sure -- play for the fun of the game.
  • Right. I'm sure there are parks around with volleyball courts or take her to the beach so she can play sand volleyball. Practice makes perfect and hopefully she'll make the team next year.
  • Best advice possible.
  • Sure, maybe she can play on a local church league or at a boys and girls club, or practice in the gym after school -- maybe even get someone who's on the team this year to work with her as she practices. If it's a sport she really likes, and she practices a lot, she'll improve enough to make the team next year.
  • Sure. the main point is to have fun. And exercise. If it's any help, I played table tennis (the blood-sport version of ping pong) at high school. I was universally despised. At college, when I had some disposable income, I bought better equipment, practiced about 4 hours a day (luckily I had equally fanatic friends) and made the team, one of four out of the entire college. In 1972 we won the Scottish Universities League.
  • Just what I would have said BB!!! +5
  • Sure,give her the motivation that she should'nt give up something she loves,despite not making the team,the'll be other tryouts and tell her that it's not the end of the world by telling her that your giving her the confidence to succeed in the future,You want to promote self-confidence by teaching her positive self-talk,so it's important to teach her pride in her abilities and accomplishments.I personally would take her out for some ice cream to lift her spirits and tell her don't worry about it.:)Good luck,M :-)
  • There are other coaches in the sea too..if you catch my drift ;)
  • Not making the team is not the end of the world (although to her it may seem that way). I would tell her that many famous athletes have gone through similar situations as they were growing up. It is a matter of development, training and skills that must be learned and then become second nature , kind of like when you first learned how to ride a bike. Some kids pick it up quick & others it takes time. If she love's the game let her watch videos of it and practice, practice & more practice. She just needs to get the basics and different techniques down and that does take time in any sport. It is also a game the family can play and have fun with. She must never be discouraged to follow her dreams and I'm sure with your love and support she will do great! +5 Best of luck and I will be expecting regular updates on her progress! lol Peace, Jonathan

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