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  • I'd take the money and he can buy the ring with his own money!
  • It sounds shady to me
  • No way!!! You get your money back then he can buy you a ring with his own darn money. Men should be shot.
  • I'ts good if you really like the ring and you don't need the money. It's bad if you need the money for bills or saving for something important.
  • That depends, do you want to buy yourself a ring? Because remember, its your money buying it not his, so he isn't buying you a ring, you are buying it for yourself.
  • that's bullshit, tell him you want your money back. if he really wants you to have a nice ring he will buy it out of his money, not yours!
  • he's basically making you buy your own ring? get the cash girl!!!
  • Then you are buying your own ring...i say NO DEAL!
  • first of all, if you lend money to friends and family, lovers included, always count on never seeing that money again, as for the ring, does he make you pay for all of your gifts? just trying to gain perspective on if you are his lady or his sugar mama.. either way, BAD BAD BAD he should be ashamed of himself for insulting your generosity.
  • What the hell is HE smokin'????? I guess the answer may be obvious...Hell no, get ur money so u can buy whatever it is you want!
  • Let him get you a ring with his own money. Get your money back. He's a cheapskate.
  • You are going to pay for your own ring??? LOL !!
  • Kick him out and sue him for the money.
  • Bad..manipulative. Get your money and then tell him to buy you a ring when he is ready.
  • Nothing like buying your own ring...........
  • Get your money back, what a cop out. If you let him get you a ring with your own money, somewhere down the line it's going to end in some argument with him going on about buying you the ring, and you're going to hit back that it was your own money. Just forgo the entire thing, get your money back, and sometime after he hits puberty and gets a job, maybe he'll be a little less cheap and buy you one with his own funds.
  • As long as its the same value sure. But that sounds like hes going to steal it.
  • No deal! sounds as if he does not know how to handle money or women and if you got married and had kids you have to think would this be the example I would want for my kids to grow up with ,, good luck !!!
  • Sounds like the guy has real money troubles. Too bad. But no, it's not good.
  • It's not really his money to buy u a ring.You should get the money and buy your own ring
  • bad he needs to give you back what is yours and buy your gifts with what is his. +5
  • It all depends on the outlet for price comparison. He could be pointing at an equivalent 18 carat ring in an expensive jewelers, yet actually be removing the finger of a poor unsuspecting passer by to get to one similar, for FREE. Then your boyfriend will be an absolute winner. Real answer, get the money back. Simple.
  • I can't believe you even asked such a question. get your money back and dump the cheap sob
  • Something is wrong here. If he can afford to get you a ring "for around the same price" why is he refusing to give you the money back? You can buy your own ring if you want to do so. It's your money and it's your right to request it being paid back and not diverted to whatever he has in mind. Good luck and Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))
  • The deal involved MONEY, NOT 'lets make a deal', when I OWE YOU!!!! Do you REALLY think you could get 'dollar for dollar' for the ring, WHENEVER you need cash? AND, WHERE?
  • That would be the same as you buying your own ring and if that's what you want...fine. But when you borrow something, you should give the same back and he didn't borrow a ring from you, did he?
  • ye. he's actually spending your money. its a nice idea but its not worht anything unless he pays for it.
  • Pawn the ring, and get your money from the Cheapass. In essence you are buying a ring for yourself.
  • You are paying for the ring, and I suppose he will tell everybody he bought it. Get your money...not good

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