• Misanthropes
  • Mice are considered pests because they tend to want to eat the foods we store for use in winter. They are also prone to parasites that carry disease that infect humans. - Humans are pests to all living things that get in humans way. If it is inconvenient to us humans, we get rid of "it". Or we steal its home and build one of our own there, we take it's food for ourselves, we construct large 'things' that obstruct routes of migration.... - Shall I continue....???? - A friend of mine once posed the question: Are humans just another form of virus?
  • I guess you could say men are pests of each other. + 5
  • Mice are only seen as pests because they increase in number where a food source is abundant, humans crow crops surplus to requirements & store vast amounts of grain & other produce that mice find tasty, the more food there is the more mice you get, humans take exception to mice helping themselves to the stored produce because the mice aren’t too fussy where they go to the toilet, plus they my carry various diseases also……. As for humans we’re pretty much a pest to everything on this fragile earth, including ourselves, our arrogance towards each other & our surroundings knows no bounds!! Cunning stunt! I fear your friend had a valid point!! :-/
  • nature +5
  • each other
  • Environmentalists that believe in man-made global warming and VHEMT
  • The wildlife. Won't leave them alone and in their own environment.
  • Democrats
  • this planet.
  • Earth; humans are a virus out of control on this planet and nature will find a way to get rid of us because we have unbalanced nature; our last days will probably be from an epidemic brought from global warming.
  • Each other.
  • My grandchildren are pests... they pester me. Mice pester people.
  • Deer mice carry the hantavirus, which is deadly to humans. Mouse droppings contaminate food, such as grain in silos. You've probably eaten a pound or two of rodent droppings in your life, in bread and cereals.   Other mice carry other diseases. Here's a handy list from the CDC:   Humans are pests of most other species.  
  • giants jack
  • The Earth!
  • You would know that answer if you've ever discovered mouse turds in your cereal. Other animals. As we've discovered when we expand to the point we act surprised when wild animals appear on the doorsteps of our rural houses.
  • Because mice are pests. I have a rural friend that has a mice infestation, and it is up to us to exterminate them when I visit them. If we don't take action, then you will know why mice are considered pests.
  • Saw a mouse run across my living room last month. Set a trap and killed it. For the next couple of days I saw smaller mice in the house. It seems the mouse I killed was a new mommy mouse who feel into my trap while looking for food to take to her babies. The mommy mouse didn't come home so the babies had to come out to forage on their own. One of the two babies wouldn't run when it saw me. I thought to myself that I'd rather catch the adorable little fella and release him in the woods someplace far from my neighborhood. I couldn't let them grow up in my walls. The one that would run when he'd see me was killed in another trap the next day. That evening I saw the other baby mouse walking across my living room and I decided to try getting close enough to catch him. The mouse saw me approaching and stopped where he was. I crept up slowly. He just looked at me in a way a child looks to an adult for guidance. He let me scoop him up. I made a quick cage for him then drove him far away. At least in the wild he'll have a chance to grow up. If he stayed in my house my traps would've killed him.

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