• Any troll to see how other people have to live that isn't as spoiled as their own existence is.*+++++*
  • Okay...I'll lay it on the line. IcySilver/jen and Reptar. Hey, it's a LONG trip and the conversation would never be boring. +++good question.
  • Gtravels, she would make a good floatie Ditto, he has great survival skills.
  • i would invite 2 just to look all legal and respectable but i would slip in about 100 more and then give the crew everclear so they would not mind heck they might even join us up on deck for a limbo contest !
  • this sounds like the opposite of slavery.
  • Eclipse who has minty fresh breath:)
  • Man,I was checking out my friends list and a few popped into my head right away(you know who you are).I dont want to list them as I may hurt someones feelings if I leave them out!My most important question though is; Who is going to bring the wine?
  • Well I am definately taking G and Spicy! It would be a nonstop laugh fest! But we will be searching out some handsome ABers to entertain us after the Comedy Hours are over with. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! +5
  • Wow. Spicy Hot would be my first choice (very easy choice at that). We would talk up a storm. I think Rollie would be a good choice, for quite the same reason. He seems to be very interesting and nice to be around. Sixty B would be an awesome choice to. She's a blast and she'd be great company. Sweetcakes/Sweet Arena would be very nice company. She's so relaxed and interesting to me. There are others I'd take but these are the first I'd think of.
  • Spacey and Strange.1. I don't know how to sail, or navigate, and they would be alot of fun to be with , if I were to never reach civillization again. ;D
  • You ~ because i'm sure as hell not sleeping on my own! Ditto ~ because he'll show me all the stars! Evan ~ because he'll save me from the pirates! ~ Oh i suppose i should invite some girlfriends too ~ Spicy ~ because she's crazy like me :) SixtyB ~ because i refuse to go without her :) Stillme ~ because she always makes me laugh :) ~ PS: Babycakes can't come coz she's a bit busy at the moment.

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