• The perfume I use usually lingers in my room and halls, very rarely do I.
  • Yes I love it! I use scented oils and a oil warmer with tea light candles and I also love scented candles made with soy so it doesnt fill the house with black smoke!
  • HA! Of course, I live with four boys. I like them plug in things from bath and body works. I also like to burn candles. Gold Canyon candles preferably.
  • Not during the nice weather, I just open all the windows, like right now.
  • i use chunks of charcoal inside the fridge, keep the rooms clean. when the room smells good then it is clean, if it is dirty it will smell bad. if everything is clean already and still smells bad, I use Lysol disinfectant spray for the closets and the room. the results are just wow. scented potpourri oils i use only when i feel like it
  • Yes I love to use Febreeze, I spray it on the carpets, bedding and pillows every Saturday after I clean the house.
  • clean your house
  • i sure do.
  • Stormy Nights, Ocean Breeze..i love candles. Here's some more:
  • Incense and burning incense oil.
  • All Natural Citrus II - 100 natural, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and environmentally safe air fragrance that destroys odors. An Xavier product.
  • Yes!! I have tons of exotic dancer friends dropping by all the time !! Therefore my place smells like a French Whorehouse!
  • bleach and pinesol keep the litter box clean.
  • Just want to let you all know that, the use of products especially those systhesized chemical products which are lighted(incense candles,incense cones dippled in some aromatic oil) may ease up your burden of cleaning the house but,they take a severe toll on your health especially on breathing.People having ailments like asthama,should try their best to avoid it. Some companies and local producers claim them to be natural and made up of natural stuffs and are harmless but,you won't get the aroma without the touch of chemicals.Those produts after burning emit harmful byproducts and gases like carbon monoxide,carbon-dioxide,nitrogen-dioxide and the deadly sulphur dioxide. I know life is fast and no time for cleaning but,it wont take much if we dedicate some of our time daily for cleaning stuffs for the sake of out well being.Keeping the house well ventilated,drives away the any sort of odour away.Carpets and matresses should be exposed to sunlight occasionally(I'm not saying daily.Whenever sun comes out,exposing them to sun for an hour would keep them fresh for weeks) to keep them germfree. Most of the people don't know that it's the kitchen where more germs dwell than the toilet.What's funny is toilet gets good treatment almost twice a day at minimum but,kitchen cleaning is neglected for days.Safe disposal of vegetable peels and left overs of meat should be taken care of.Generally,I've noticed a sort of fishy smell coming out of some houses.It's because they don't dispose the food leftovers well.They should be dumped in the local trash bin daily rather than accumulating those in your personal one for days together. Last but, not the least are the animals or pet issues.People who keep them,it's hard to keep in track with animals and cleaning.It's a good practice to keep the animals clean by making them bath once a week or atleast brush their fur thrice a week. As technology advances and life progresses,people are drawn towards more luxury and it's hard to keep them away from such stuffs but,if you find the use of those products indispensable,then try to keep the house well ventilated. This answer is meant to raise public awareness against some luxury products that do more harm than good.If you feel you can add something or put forth your ideas on it,you are always welcome. Just for you information,they produce 5 times more harmful effluents than a burning cigarette of same weight.Now think of it.
  • No, because those products all smell terrible, and it's practically impossible to cover up a stench with a nice smell. It only leads up to the dreaded "a turd in a forest of pinetrees" scenario.
  • Lavender
  • No. I open windows and clean my house often.
  • Yep we sure do! Sometimes (in the winter especially) I'll simmer water on the stove and toss in some spices..makes everything smell so good. Sometimes I grind up a lemon in the garbage disposal. We use lemon-scented dish soap. We have a powder spray for the carpet which we put on before we vacuum..we do have a cat and sometimes cat smells are not "bright and fresh"! Coffee perking always smells nice as does a large pot of soup/chili/stew simmering on the stove. Baking anything with cinnamon always smells great.
  • I clean house - then my house doesn't smell.
  • I use those fresheners you sprinkle into the carpeting then vacuum up. it makes it nice. sometimes if the house has been closed up too long (i have pets) i'll burn a candle, usually just french vanilla:)
  • I love the diffusers. The oil with the wooden reeds that you put in the glass bottle. They smell great.
  • I usually just keep the windows open, sometimes I burn incense.
  • Just clean the house and you don't need that stuff.
  • I like no smell at all. If someone smokes in my house, I fire up my ozone generator after they leave. +5
  • My mum uses a flower scented carpet powder before she vacumms
  • Yes its better than smelling like a vegetarians fart.
  • I use incense.

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