• Nope. That's a guarantee they just can't realistically make no matter how high the tuition. And I'd love to see if she has this promise in writing or if not, how she's going to prove there was an oral agreement. Next they'll have sports car salesman having to guarantee that a man will get laid.
  • Nope..the should continue to make promises like that and then they can pay the class action suit...
  • No, the school gave her the opportunity by opening several doors for her. It's up to her to seal the deal once she stepped inside. . You can't blame the school because you didn't make a good impression during your interview. . And let me guess, she attended one of those technical schools. That was her 1st mistake. If a real university wouldn't accept her application, and she had to attend DeVRY, then she's has more issues than the school alone.
  • I've never heard of a college guaranteeing someone a job after graduating. Reputable colleges and universities instead post career placement rates rather than making empty promises - promises of which are up to the individual to see come to fruition.
  • one should steal the chance these days.
  • I HIGHLY doubt any school that has to 'promises' a job to a student.... Regardless of price - she still has to work for the job afterwards.
  • Why didnt the college just hire her on if they promised her a job? + 5
  • Seems to me if the suit has any merit at all, it would be around what the college promised. Did their sales literature rise to the level of an employment guarantee? If yes, the woman's suit may have merit. If not, I'd expect to see it dismissed, perhaps even with prejudice. It would be a terrible idea for any school to guarantee employment upon completion of a specific set of courses, because so much more than training goes into a person's being employable. A former student could decide to go to every job interview nude and immediately defecate upon the desk of the interviewer. That would be entirely outside the school's control.
  • I have never heard of an actual college guaranteeing a job. I highly doubt they did. If the college was that foolish and had such a contract, then it should have to pay according to the agreement.
  • 5-23-2017 Colleges don't even teach how to do well in college. Teachers will tell you not to bother them because they didn't get their jobs by being good teachers.

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