• Ask yourself what is more important and then make a decision. Is your fling more important than your marriage? You better choose now because if you dont and you keep trying to work it both ways, a decision will be made for you. And it will be one that you either won't like or won't be ready for. Besides, I dont know if having an affair with a married woman is worth being confronted with a jelous husband that has a shotgun pointed at your crotch. And believe me, when her husband finds out, she is going to take the easy way out and claim that you took advantage of her rather than admitting that it was mutual. This reminds me of something that I read about.. that in africa, hunters have a method for trapping monkeys. They put a small hole in a tree or a heavy box and put candy or sugar in the hole. When the monkey reaches inside the hole, he discovers that when his fist is clenched, he cant get his hand out of the hole. So he keeps trying repeatedly to get his hand out of the hole while holding on to the candy. When the hunters come he is frantic because he is aware of the danger that he is in. He can save himself if he would just let go of the candy but his greed gets the best of him and he gets captured. Moral of the story- The fling may be fun and you might like the woman but dont get yourself caught in the monkey trap.
  • What could be worse than ADULTERY?
  • How many questions are you going to ask about the same subject??? Man I don't feel sorry for you one bit!!!!!! People who have affairs when still married are self centered pieces of sh**!!!!
  • shes afraid of what it will lead to?? I think its already there and shes worried her husband will find out. You two probably deserve each other by the sounds of it. I guess you two really dont care about the vows you took when it said "forsaking all others" How could you do this to your wife? How about rekindling your feelings for your wife. Marriages take work, but it looks like you would rather give at the office.
  • It amazes me how some people do not take their vows seriously anymore and they do whatever makes them happy, regardless of how it may hurts others. People who cheated just disgust me and to answer your question on how do I get over her, are you kidding? did you really had to ask this? wake up, you're married and what do you think your wife is? a piece of property? Sheesh..
  • im sorry but you both need to go to church and live for god. thou shalt not commit adultery. you terrible person. you made a promise to god and broke it. now you should fear him and if you are my husband id say that if i wasnt a christian id cut your d//k off!
  • Lousy hobby with a co-worker
  • I hear that technology can make a very realistic "sex robot companion."
  • Ask your wife what she thinks. I'm sure she'll be very understanding! LOL

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