• Because that's where the best deli and bagels are.
  • Becuase New York was the closest place they could get to in the USA from the Holocaust. *shakes head* sad.
  • There are so many of everything in NY because it is a large city. When new arrivals come they want jobs, so they tend to congregate in the cities. They also go to cities where (if possible) there are already shops, houses of religion etc that satisfy their needs. New York already had a large pre-war Jewish population, so the post-war ones stayed. But they also went to other areas, other cities... most major cities in the world have/had a Jewish quarter. Most were city people in origin so did not go to the farming areas, unlike the Scandinavians and Germans, many of whom were farmers and happy to settle in Pennsylvania, Minnesota etc
  • They think statue of liberty to be juses.So they wanna be close to him .
  • Probably the same reason there are so many Greeks in Melbourne ... perhaps they like it ...
  • Many minorities want to be around others of their own kind. This naturally leads to concentration in certain areas. It is more likely to happen in large cities because there is more of every group. For comparison consider a completely different minority group that is self-conscious and likely to want to be around others of their own kind: open homosexuals. Combine this with the historical fact that Jews and other relatively recent immigrant groups such as the Irish and Italians came through Ellis Island and still have population concentrations there.
  • That's were they were shipped. As in, the place was open during a rush of immigrations from that country.
  • Because New Yorkers don't go around asking "Gee, I wonder why there are so many Jewish people around here".

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