• I ask myself and others that same thing all the time. I myself am a liberal, and I believe staunchly in both.
  • At least for legal purposes, the unborn are not generally considered "life" for most purposes until the 3rd trimester. If you believe that life starts at conception, then your viewpoint is considerably different than that of the lawbooks. During the 3rd trimester there are plenty of restrictions on abortion and most agree that abortion at this point IS murder as the fetus is capable of living independently of the mother. Preventing a clump of self-replicating cells from becoming a fetus is in a totally different league from either terminating the life of a being with a heartbeat and a brain of it's own, regardless of the age. Any person who receives the death penalty is obviously capable of suffering and many people, regardless of political leanings, that causing suffering to a living being is wrong. Add in the arbitrary nature of administering the death penalty and the demonstrated flaws in our legal system like the many people proven innocent with DNA tests that were not done previously out of the desire to punish someone now rather than ensure that the convicted is actually guilty....
    • Archie Bunker
      38 states recognized the fetus as a legal victim of a homicide if the mother is killed, during the entire stage of development. How do you rationalize that?
    • Linda Joy
      ALL of the fetuses are innocent!!
  • Their hypocrisy knows no boundaries.
  • Why are republicans so for the dealth penalty and yet against abortions?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Because those on death row made their own beds.
    • Linda Joy
      And again, ALL the fetuses are innocent!!
  • Do you know that 23% of death row inmates have been released to date because of wrong identity? How would you feel if you put a person to death and found out a year later that you killed the wrong guy?
    • Linda Joy
      100% of fetuses are innocent! How do you reconcile that?
  • Okay all you republicans, what happens if your child is raped? And say thanks to your vote, you cant have an abortion in your state? What do you do?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      So you're basing the abortion argument on the case of rape? Less than 1% of abortions are because of rape. What about the other 99%?
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not a republican or democrat, But you can always give the child to parents that are waiting and hoping for a child - any child to love and raise. Frankly I'd raise and love it!
  • Abortion is used as an easy excuse for lack of having the sense to use birth control. It goes well with this fast food instant gratification society we live in. I do not think it should be banned. It should however be a last resort. The death penalty. Admitted killers should be done in the day of conviction. One appeal for others. Dna testing should be used in all cases possible to insure accuracy. Results that prove a conviction, should be done in the day of conviction. I unfortunately have been in jail before for a misdemeanor. I've seen young thuhgs amke up rap songs about how they will go to the pen and rape inmates etc. Jail is a party to them. Jail. Especially for violent offenders should be the closest thing to hell on earth. No cable, no commissary. no sodomy, surplus trash for food, floggings for infractions, executions for prisoners who assault others and commit rape behind bars. Violent prisoners used to hall busses , tractor. trailers , pull plows etc. Solve the gas crisis. Lovely rant
  • I am against polarizing labels, broad generalizations and loaded questions.
  • I am against labeling and stereotyping of any kind.
  • probably cause they dont see the baby as a real person
  • Hypocrisy
  • Because libtards have the weirdest logic ever. They think it's ok to kill fetuses because they're not "human lives" even though a fetus is part of the very first stage of the human life cycle (prebirth) but it's not ok to kill someone who intentionally killed innocent people and have the murderer live off taxpayers' money. I will never understand their mentality.
    • Archie Bunker
      They only value certain lives.

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