• I think the earth changes, always has...always will. But they wanna make some cash off of it in the long run. Charging people taxes is a load of crap. besides, in 2012 the year of aquarius is sposed to come why wouldnt the ice caps melt and the polar bears start to die?
  • were too late
  • Makes me think of Al Gore... Therefore I try not to think about it if I can at all help it.
  • Apparently it is a real problem that threatens our life on Earth. No one has discredited the idea enough to make it go away. Dealing with it is another matter. If you put a frog in a dish of hot water, it jumps out. If you put the frog in cool water and then gradually increase the temperature, slowly heating it up, the frog will remain in the water and be cooked to death. We tend to ignore slow small changes, often to our detriment. Our lifestyle in America is so dependent on heavy energy use that any changes in sources of energy are frightening and difficult. Why jump out of the dish if it's just a little warmer? No one seems willing to make the sacrifices necessary to address the problem. Wind power may not be the perfect solution, but why we are not building windmills everywhere is a mystery to me... except for vested interests, big energy companies, who don't really seem to care if the water is warming as long as they are getting rich and leading the lifestyle of the wealthy. Barack Obama seems like a leader with enough intelligence and enough guts to confront issues like this that others run away from. But he is up against the entrenched big money interests, so it is hard to get anything through Congress, which seems more interested in money than people, in big business more than citizens. Only by millions of citizens vocally supporting the president do we have a chance to do something positive to save ourselves from this and other potentially catastrophic problems. Let's all support alternative energy options vigorously to show we care about our long term viability.
  • we all will die not from global warming but from a meteor that is 2x the size of earth and will hit us at 2012 December 21 at 12:45pm If you dont beleive me look it up... it is also the last day on the mayan calandar Ahhh!
  • I think we are all going to die someday. . . might as well go out with a bang! Plus if the earth does end due to global warming it won't be in this life time or even our great grandchildrens life time so stop worrying about it. There is nothing we can do because not everyone is going to change their life style so there is no point in trying. I know I'm not going to change how I live.
  • i think its bs the world's enviroment changes... ICE AGE! that didnt happen cause of animals "global warming" will wear off
  • It may harm the future generation, but not our generation.+4
  • Its a HOAX but of course we should try to take care of the planet better anyways .But after watching a show called Nova i learned that the earth balances herself and its been this hot before and so we shall cool down again and then they will be yelling ICE AGE COMMETH the earth knows how to deal with what we do .and thats right thats from Nova a scientific show not from God unless he had some doing with me actually sitting down watching tv at that time on that channel =P
  • Anybody who will even open their eyes will see that Global Warming is real, it's man-made, and it must be stopped or we will threaten human existence on Earth. Sure there have been periods in the past when a burst of volcanism caused temperatures to spike temporarily due to large CO2 emissions. Earth self corrects for that over time. But man pumping 7 billion metric tons of C02 into the atmosphere every year, and increasing that figure each year. That's never happened before. The Earth's self correction relies on the excess CO2 source stopping at some point. The first picture below shows a view down the Whitechuck Glacier in Glacier Peak Wilderness in 1973. The second one shows the same view as seen in 2006, where this branch of glacier retreated 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi). The same is happening all over the planet. The glaciers that feed the great Ganges river are rapidly receding. If they disappear, the river will turn to a small, muddy stream and millions who depend on its flood stage for agriculture will starve. See more:
  • My family and I take it very seriously and do our part each day to reduce our print on the world.
  • I believe in it. However, with this year's unusually cool summer, I think there's some cooling thing going on, too.
  • its going happening and theres no way of resversing it at this point. What weather changes are coming because of this? The artic it's gone ,love the al gore stated above he did a great job in saving us, won the the prize collected millions, which i hear he might use to re-run again. but knw it's here and you live with it. The artic will be gone before you know it get ready for some dire times people..
  • I am not sure, while apart of me believes, another part questions if it's real.
  • definetly more rainfall. more heat = more evaporation = more rain.
  • it most likely is happening, however, we arent alone in the problem, it could be more of a universe issue, there appear to be sings of global warming on other planets.............
  • +5 It is not possible because I cannot find a microwaye at Wal Mart big enought to get the world inside
  • It would be mighty cold without it
  • Fraud. Hoax. Politically motivated. The new global communist threat. Cherry-picking of science to fit a political agenda. If those who really "believed" manmade global warming to be both real, and an actual problem, were to vociferously advocate widespread deployment of nuclear power, they *might* have some credibility. But until that unlikely reality, their political motives shine through.
  • It is an anti industrial, anti technology hoax.
  • Global warming exists, but this summer doesn't seem like it, with all the unusually cool days.
  • Our grace period between ice ages is coming to a close, and there's evidence we may be aggrivating the shift in some way, shape or form. Either way, the byproducts of industrial culture are toxic regardless of whether or not they're contributing to global warming.
  • I am so sick of the stupid, the blind and the lazy who want to say this kind of rubbish that global warming does not exist. How blind do you have to friggin be?
  • I agree with the founder of the Weather Channel, common sense, history, and the 31,000 scintists that say it's a hoax.
  • 8-28-2017 It has been known since some time in the 40s that the bumper crops every year on American farms are due to an unusual spell of warm weather, not on fertilizer or machinery. So when the weather turns, the country is in deep trouble.
  • Global surface temperatures and Arctic sea ice extent have broken numerous records in the first half of 2016. In 2017, it has been the second-hottest year recorded. It is also predicted that the entire East Coast could get wiped out with a mega Tsunami. A must watch video:

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