• 1) Love her husband 2) Never cheat 3) Always be there for her husband 4) Still let him have his freedom 5) Always let him be himself +3
  • * If you get it out, put it up. * If you sleep on it, make it up. * If you wear it, hang it up. * If you drop it, pick it up. * If you dirty it, wash it. * If you open it, close it. * If you turn it on, turn it off. * If it rings, answer it. * If it howls, feed it. * If it cries, love it.
  • Love God Love her husband as God's son Love her children as God's grandchildren Be clean Do her best to make her family an example to the world of the ideal family. Same for him.
  • 1)marry a good husband 2)thats the only reason
  • understanding caring faithful loving sexy n beautiful
  • be respectful be a soft place for him to fall when he's troubled be sweet and kind to his parents...whether you like them or not. That goes for his children, too, if this is a second marriage. give 100%. Don't wait for your husband to give "his 50%" before you "reciprocate" don't blame every bad mood on PMS. Be accountable for what you say and do, even if you're angry or feeling grouchy. Sue
  • love me 4 who i am
  • There's really only two things you need to do to keep your husband happy. I promise. They both start with f and one is keep him fed.
  • do him every night!
  • I think if you were to just love that would take care of everything
  • just be a good person.
  • Slap her butt. Sex with her alot. Give her a sex kiss. Take off her clothes. Make her dance stripping.
  • 1. NEVER violate a "trust" (which would, pretty much, wrap up everything about the marriage) 2. LISTEN 3. LOVE him before yourself 4. KEEP her eyes. . . .half shut (no such thing as perfection) 5. Keep herself attractive and clean
  • 1. Not cheat. 2. Make her needs known - guys can't read minds. (Ie, don't let things stay bottled up and fuel resentment.) 3. Don't treat the hubby the same ordering-around way you treat the kids - let him preserve some shred of the illusion that he's a manly and resourceful guy who could rescue the family if zombies attacked. 4. Express acceptance of him as-is. 5. Not talk about her mother while you're in bed together.
  • most all men love B.J.'s (hey you ask) 2. don't let yourself go 3. let him have a night without you (and without your bitching about it 4. be respectful at all times 5. be understand even when you don't feel like it TRUST IS EARNED.. Respect is given..
  • - She needs to trust me. Others having faith in me is, for me, a catalyst to greater things. - She needs to love me for the person I am. I'm pretty good, I think. I don't claim to be perfect but I like to think what I am is fairly desireable. - She needs to be positive and understand that happiness won't be found in a box, a bag, in the mall or in what her surroundings are. Happiness is something that comes from within. You can't chase happiness but you can find it. You just have to open your eyes. - She needs to communicate how she feels and and be honest, open and transparent. Understanding each other is important and will make the relationship stronger. -She needs to want me to be happy - as happy as I'd want her to be.
  • 1) Always treat your husband with respect - all women want respect, but some women out there seem to get offended when a man says he will not put up with disrespect. Respect him in your own mind, and even when he's not around (e.g. don't go around running down your husband verbally to all of your friends)... false respect is no respect at all. 2) Stroke his ego - men have very sensitive egos. They will be much happier when they feel that their wife adores and admires them. 3) Stay fit and attractive and put effort into making the bedroom a fun, exciting place to be. It's a fact that sex is extremely important to men. 4) Always show appreciation for him & what he does for you and your children. 5) Allow him to be a man. Women can and should teach men a lot about understanding emotions, sensitivity, etc., but don't overdo it and turn him into a sniveling, whiny baby. Let him have plenty of freedom to engage in his own activities. We need to get away and have time for ourselves just like everyone. If there were a number six, it would be to make sure he treats you as you would like to be treated. You aren't doing a man any favors by allowing him to get away with bad behavior.
  • 1)Submit to the mans will 2)be submissive 3)be submissive 4)be submissive 5)be submissive. No one wants an argumentative feminist bitch for a wife.
  • 1) Good Cooking 2) Cleanliness 3) Understanding 4) Sharing Responsibilities 5) Good Parent
  • 1. Support his dreams 2. Raise his children 3. Care for him 4. Keep a nice home 5. Keep him interested Can I add a 6th? Not put a contract out on his sorry ass when after doing all of the above for 9 years... He leaves you for a whore anyway who is incapable of humanity, compassion, decency love or truth.
  • 1: Don't try and change him / make him change. Love him as he is. 2: Listen to him, and actually try to understand his views. 3: Don't try and monopolize his attention. Let him go out with friends. 4: Try and maintain a healthy sex life. Sex never seems to be the most important thing in a relationship until it is lacking. 5: Remain faithful.
  • Remain the same person he fell in love with remain faithful have good housewife skills fulfill his sexual needs give and show loving support
  • iron the newspaper.
  • 1. Please her husband sexually. 2. Help clean the house. 3. Be his best friend. 4. Help support the home. 5. Give him his quiet time when he can just be in his "nothing box".

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