• Take the hint.He no longer wants to communicate with you.I understand that this hurts,but sometimes,these things happen.Just let it go.....*+++++*
  • i just don't understand why he does that he must be pissed off by you..probably is angry that you are not taking him seriously or sth, talk him up vis-a-vis! just tell him, why are you ignoring me? see how him will react. you won't lose nothing
  • Just ask him whats up. If he can't be mature enough to tell you what's going on...then I would just move on for the time being.
  • just because he doesn't talk back doesn't mean he's ignoring you. if you really think he is just talk to him about it
  • Maybe he's not even at the computer. Just stop talking to him and let him talk to you when he's ready to, if he ever is.
  • i talked to him this time and asked him.. he said he always keep his laptop on and leave...we talked for hours i think we are ok now :D..thank u guys so much
  • This used to bother me when I was young and first married if my ex would ignore me. So I just decided to get naked and get in his lap he didn't ignore me anymore after that.

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