• sometimes yes, but more so I think that it is selfish for people that KNOW they cannot be 1. good parents and 2. afford to be parents, to have a bunch of kids that in turn do the same thing. This is where the menaces to society come into play. I'll use my life for an example... I have 4 kids. BUT, I only gave birth to 2. I have 2 step daughter's that I have been raising since they were little because their mother is a drug addict, who was never able to take care of them. She has NEVER worked, and has been homeless for the last 3 years. THESE are the type of people (women) who should feel selfish and guilty (though they have no concern for their offspring, let alone humanity).
  • To bring a child or two into the world if you are willing and able to put out the energy to raise them to make the world a better place - is as unselfish as you can be. But - to make babies with no regard for their future - or for the suffering of a parent left behind trying to support them - is far far worse than selfish! It is CHILD ABUSE. And a crime against the all of humanity and even the Earth it's self.
  • i have a great solution i think we should just kill all the child molesters and murders we have in the prison system.. then we can bring little angles into the world and raise them correctly
  • 1) "From what I’ve experienced, we only ever bring children into this world for selfish reasons, and that’s not necessarily a “bad” thing. What is detrimental is that people refuse to recognize this. Instead, motherhood is framed as some sort of completely unselfish, altruistic activity, at least regarding the ideal. There is no logical reason to have a child. Not one that I can think of (aside from that you’ll need someone to put you in a semi-decent retirement home). Other than that, getting pregnant and carrying to term and parenting are purely done for selfish, emotion-driven reasons. Maybe it’s because we need love, or maybe it’s because we want someone to “stick around,” or maybe it’s because we want to pass on our genes. Again, it’s not “bad” that parenting is selfish, but we need to recognize that parenting is not this altruistic act as it’s been presented to us." "Teaching people that selfishness is a vice prohibits us from contributing to society, from being better people, from actualizing our potential. Selfishness is wanting the best for yourself—not at the expense of others, but so that you can give to others." Source and further information: 2) - ""So what are good reasons for logical and compassionate people, living in today’s world, to have children?" Two words: to learn. My children are the greatest teachers I have ever had and I have learned more from them than in any classroom I ever sat in during my lengthy education. To Quote Andrew Vachss: "What children are, more than anything else, is this: another chance for our flawed species to get it right."" - "How about to better human society? Stupid people reproduce like rabbits and the world is much worse off for it. Someone has to try to keep the gene pool clean! The way i figure it, you owe it to society to spread good genes. Also, consider the next generation of geeks. Someone has to produce mates for those poor bastards. Will somebody please think of the children!" Source and further information: (many other interesting postings on there)
  • I don't know the answer to my own question which is why I asked it :-P

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