• I would have to have tried everything possible to save my marriage. Then after trying everything, I'd consider ending it if my spouse agreed that there was nothing else we could do to make our marriage better.
  • when everyday you wake up and feel like you have to force happiness. If you cant be with one another and just be happy its a waste of precious time. trying to make something work that just isnt meant to be will always result in failure and heart break one way or the other.
  • I didn't. my wife decided to when she decided that I would sacrifice everything I had for a woman I didn love.... which is absolute bubkis. she convinced herself that I did not love her so she ran away with "not my boyfriend" who suprise suprise, sleeping in the same bed for a month she fell in love with him. I had to file for divorce just because she left.
  • When you have tried everything to make it work and you still can't get along and work out differences. It also won't work when your partner decides they are no longer interested in saving the relationship. One person can't do it.
  • I think when the other person does not acknowledge the importance of meeting your needs when you are still trying to meet theirs.
  • By Right I would not walk away unless she became truly unfaithful. You take the good and the bad in this one but I draw a line in sand about this unfaithfulness. If she rather be with someone else go by all means.

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