• As long as you and your husband both agree, any name you want to use is fine. Many people keep their maiden names, and your reasons are pretty good. I'm sure he understands you're not making any kind of rejection-of-his-name statement. After all, he knows you well enough to marry you.
  • Actually there is NO rule that says you have to take his name. He can take yours if he wants...then your family name would carry on if there is a boy born! A lot of gals keep & use their maiden names for business purposes. others do a hypen as you suggested. Whatever makes the both of you happy!
  • that is an excellent idea i know of many woman that change for example jane martha doe to jane doe (new husbands last name here)
  • I have chosen to retain my last name, my children have been given that name also.
  • Well, I know guys who have their mother's maiden name as a last name, and I don't see anything wrong with it as long as both of the parents agree.
  • If it is what you want to do of course it is.
  • My wife and I had this discussion before we married. I was perfectly happy for her to do as she wished...if she wanted to keep her name, hyphenate her name, or change it to my family name, it was OK with me. And bugger everybody else's opinion, is what I say about it! She finally decided to take my last name, and made her maiden name into her middle name.
  • yeah it is ok.... but I would find it a problem (unless my name was something lame like whipplefish inwhich case I'd take yours) to me man and wife are to start a brand new family, no longer dude and chick but one family, one name... I do not mind breaking the mans name tredition as long as there is a good reason to do so and nostalgia does not cut it with me. hyphens and separate last names are a pain and are a divide in a marriage. if my next wife has a strong reason to keep her name (like carreer where name recognition is important) then I would change my name.... otherwise I consider it an important show of love and respect for her to take my name.
  • Use your maiden name as your middle name, unhyphenated.
  • As long as the two of you are in agreement, you can call yourself whatever you want. I have a friend whose wife kept her maiden didn't make them any less married. I wouldn't ask the opinion of others..everyone has his/her own take on it. The only ones who count are your husband-to-be and thee. That's it..just the two of you! :)
  • I kept my entire name, and added my husband's last name without a hyphen. So it's like (This is not my real name, just an example) Angelique Mary Korrins Smith.
  • In our country even the husband can take his wives maiden name. I always found it a little strange. We can also choose if we take both names and if we want the maiden name first or second. I just took his name, it's simple and old fashioned. By the way, if you have children someday won;t they automatically get the name of the father? If that's the case you don't have too bother know, cause then your family name will not live on anyway.
  • Sure its ok. More and more women are keeping their maiden names these days or hyphenating them. Its something that you'll want to discuss and be in agreement on with your husband though because then you'll have the issue -- what will the child's last name be?
  • I gladlyt took my husbands name, but I had no reason not to. In your case, i think its very reasonale to keep your family name. Problem is gonna come into play when you try to give your baby your name.
  • It is okay to keep your last name, but I think a name is a name. Your family needs to be remembered for their accomplishments and how they touched lives around them. I have been known to be wrong ...
  • I would want my child to at least have mine and my husbands last name, if not just mine.
  • I knew a man who, when he got married, they both changed their names to (his last name)-(her last name). So they both had the same last name. It was just both hyphenated.
  • Of course, at marriage is the time that names are traditionally changed, but what they are changed to is up to you according to the law. You two decide and you two do it - whatever you want to be known as is your married name. Good luck!
  • It depends on how you feel about tradition. If you want a non-traditional relationship, then go for it. Some couples don't share last names, exchange rings or even live together full time. But, it works for them.
  • i think it would be perfectly ok to do that. your children would use both last of your last names i assume. i know these are modern times, but i think you will have to find a real loving man to accept this as the girl taking on the husbands last name is a very old tradition. good luck and stick you your guns.
  • Use <first name> <middle name or initial> <maiden name> (no hyphen) <husband's last name>.
  • Sure, if it does not bother your fiance'. If it does then it still is OK. It just will be a point of contention. I new a couple, a very nice couple, who did his last name-her last name for both of them.
  • Yes it's okay. Here's how I did it: I legally dropped my middle name. My maiden name became my legal middle name. My husband and I have the exact same legal last name. There's never a question on whether I am recorded under my maiden name or my husband's name. Many cultures, i.e. Mexico, pass on both the husband's and wives' family names. It's more and more common in other countries too.
  • Talk to your intended about it? It's only between you two whether it's okay or not! Many women do it these days, for various reasons.

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