• it is normal my cat does the same thing for attention mainly
  • it means shes either stretching or she wants to play
  • Most kittens and cats will do that... it is a sign that your kitten is very happy and relaxed with you. It mimics his behaviour with his Mummy cat. It is called Milk Treading =)
  • this goes back to when they were kittens and had to knead their mother's tit for milk . an older cat does this for affection and comfort. it is sort of like when we want comfort food, a cat wants comfort action.
  • It's not because they want attention. They are used to do that. As kittens they drink milk from the mother and by pressing the paws softly in her stomach they receive more milk.
  • it is just your cat giveing u affection
  • Kneading, as in trying to get some milk. Also according to my cat it just feels good and humans seem to find it endearing. +5
  • It means that she's bonded to you, she's happy, and she feels safe around you. As others here have said, this is something that kittens do when they're nursing. I don't think anyone really knows exactly why cats bond with humans, but I personally like the theory that while dogs think you are the pack leader, cats think you're their mother. (Mother cats will drive their offpring away after they're weaned. Since we don't do that they kind of become permanent kittens.) One other interesting little fact along those lines -- the ratio of body size between an adult cat and a human is roughly the same ratio between a kitten and an adult cat. And cats are approximately the same size as a human infant.
  • My kitten does that to me, they are showing affection for you; and it takes them back to when they used to pad their mothers stomachs to get milk out.
  • 1-29-2017 There are lots of guesses, but the only thing known for sure is "because that's what cats do sometimes."
  • 'When your cat was just a kitten, she nursed at her mama's teat. As she drew the milk out, she kneaded the underside of her mama's tummy. Some folks call that "kneading," others call it "making dough," but the purpose of the movement is to create a faster flow of milk to the nipple. No, your feline isn't interested in milking you. She's showing affection. Many cats will only perform this action on humans they love and trust. You're the mama now. Congratulations.' Source: - Further information: -
  • she likes you

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