• Most are analytics and not as social as other personality types.
  • Because most analytics and math-oriented people are stumped when it comes to something that they can not work out through a formula or mathematical procedure. How can you calculate human emotions? Because they get so used to finding answers through use of mathematics, they find human nature complex to understand, as they cannot directly work it out 'on paper'. . Thats my theory anyway
  • I dont know how true that is. I think all kinds of people can have trouble dealing with people.
  • I wasn't aware that was the case? But it is my guess that if this is true... It's because they primarily exist in the left brain. Which is linear... Linear doesn't deal with right brain very well. Most people are right brain.
  • In my opinion, I would have to say that math-oriented people look at life and the world logically, whereas most people do not. Math-oriented people, I believe, are black and white, yes or no, up or down, is it that or is it this? "If this works, then this OBVIOUSLY won't." A lot of people just don't have that logical makeup and fail to see how nature operates at it's basic component level; Thus they ride the wave of ignorance, and I'm sure many math-oriented people label them as such.
  • I know many such people but I don't think that they trouble dealing with people!
  • Most folks are a lot like Chaos theory.
  • Because they focus on details and logic, neither of which works so well when applied to people. +5
  • I don't know about that. My boyfriend's brother is at the top of his class in math and generally loves it, and he is also one of the "class clowns" (or was, before he graduated)
  • If I would spend years and years of my life learning something I will never need, I would have problems communicating with people too.
  • Because humans are not numbers!
  • I'm not sure if I believe that. One of my closest guy friends is very math-oriented and I don't think he has trouble dealing with people. He's just smart and prefers not to draw attention to himself....maybe to stay away from drama. He's a great guy and I've found that his advice helps me the most because he sees things for exactly what they are and knows what to say in so few words that makes me realize that I need to snap out of feeling bad about myself. I really appreciate this guy. Then again, that's just one person.

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